Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Quilt Storage Solution

The thing I love about quilts is that they are like a magnet...get one out and everyone wants to snuggle in them.  The thing I don't like so much about quilts is that all the pets love them too!  So if you leave a quilt out on the couch from where you were watching tv last night or something, there's a very strong chance that in the morning it will have dog hair, cat hair or both all over it....

Naturally, if you remember to put away the quilts in between usage, you don't have to worry about it, right? But we never really had a good place to put them (plus all the other snuggly blankets....I mean the built-ins only hold so much, right?).


There were a lot of options, quilts draped over ladders, repurposed airmoirs/dressers to hold/display, baskets on the floor, etc... but all had some down side...rustic ladders don't really blend with this modern-ish decor, I'm not adding more furniture to the space and a basket on the floor would just entice the kittens to sit in it even more!

One thing I kept thinking about was our entry room cloak's a very deep closet that's built under the stairs with just a single hanging rod in the middle.  We make good use of the sloping space behind the rod by storing our 10 pieces of luggage back there, but other than that..there's some good room in there.

Finally, I came up with an idea based on some things I saw on Pinterest that I thought was:
1. Easy and simple enough that I could actually do it
2. Solved the problem and used minimal space
3. Cheap
4. and I could acquire any materials I needed from ONE trip to Home Depot and what I had in the garage.

The idea actually came from looking at horse saddle and pad storage!  There was a PVC option (and you know how I love working with PVC) but then an even simpler one using a towel rack. A towel rack? I thought. PERFECT. Surely I can install a simple towel rack...even though I've never actually used any of the 3 drills we have in the garage, nor messed with dry wall anchors nor stud finders. But how bad could I mess it up really? It was going on the inside of the closet, so if it was really bad, no one would hardly see it anyway.

So..after a trip to Home Depot where I selected very simple towel rods and holders (I figured I didn't need anything fancy or ornate since once the quilts were on it you weren't going to see it and when the quilts were off the closet would be closed anyway, right? So, for $9/each I got 2 rods and all the installation hardware needed. Grabbed some tools from the garage and I was ready to go:

After some extensive measuring (and side comments to Shay and Reese explaining how I was using math in my project as they were working on some school work), some quick research on how to use a drill, stud finder and dry wall anchors (thank you interwebs!). I dove in. And turned out to be SUPER EASY!!  I'm so excited! The boys came over to check out my handiwork and gave me high fives all around.

Here I now have a place to store my quilts when not in use, where they will be very accessible by the humans and safe from all the non-approved pet snuggling! TA-DA! Yay Pinterest!