Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring Break String Art

While planning some spring break activities for me and the boys, I came across a string art project on Pinterest and thought it would be someething cool and fun for us to try. I remember doing this type of project as a kid (maybe Girl Scouts or something?)

I mean, boards, hammers, nails --- what's not for the boys to like??

We began with a trip to Hobby Lobby..(and following my friend Holly McKee's suggestion) downloaded the iPhone app and found some great coupons to use!  I let the boys pick out their boards, board colors and string colors. (Ok, so I may have picked up a few other items for another project I've got my eye one...coming soon!)
Next, we decided on what we were going to put on the board. Devon immediately called for his "signature symbol"...which we then found out was a dog paw print. Shay, somewhat non-enthusiastic about this particular project acquiesced with his name, and I choose...the M-Dot. (Well since I'm not getting a tattoo, I just put it everywhere else I could find.)

Using Powerpoint, I made copies of the images and sized them for each board, printed them out and then we we had all our materials ready to go. (For all my uber Type-A friends, I suppose you COULD create your template with marks for all the nails so they are perfectly spaced and geometrically aligned...but we were just going to roll with whatever the boys came close to here. Fun...not perfection.)

First we painted the boards, then let them dry. Those cheap little foam brushes work really well for distributing the paint evenly.
Then we simply placed the templates on the boards. I nailed in the corners for the boys, so the template would be in a good place to start and then they hammered in the nails by simply following the lines on the paper.  I've seen some tutorials where you can cut out the shape and then nail just around the outside of the shapes....but that seemed like a lot of extra prep time, and we're looking for fun, not perfection here.

Here's Devon is response to Shay making some comment about his technique:

Here's a look at my template with all the nails put in:
Next we began the stringing process. The fun thing about this, is you can't really mess it up. Choose a specific pattern, go zigzag or just all comes out great! Even the little guys can do it! (Boco was providing supervision.)
The nice thing about string, is you can start and stop as needed. Just tie off, when you need to take a break and then begin again! In the end, everyone did a great job and it was a fun activity for the afternoon!
Here are our finished versions: