Tuesday, January 22, 2013

2013 Resolution: Do Something with the Holiday Cards!

Just do SOMETHING with THEM already...sheesh!

I absolutely LOVE getting photo holiday cards from friends and family over the years, but I never know what to do with them. For a couple of years, I tried to be crafty and I made a Holiday Scrapbook for each year...but that was EXHAUSTING. And really, as much as I've tried, I'm just not a scrapbooker....I wish I was, but it's time to face facts. I'm just not....and I'm (sorta) ok with that.

So after those couple of years, I just kept holding on to the cards because I knew I wanted to do SOMETHING with them, but couldn't figure out what!

Enter.....PINTEREST!! omg. I've just recently joined and I'm having so much fun being inspired and getting some really creative and most importantly EASY things to do for the craft-challenged.

Over the holidays, I came across this pin:

..and I thought...HEY! I can totally manage that!!

So, I grabbed my various boxes of cards and my friendly neighborhood helper, and set to work:
The only thing I had to run to the store for was the binder rings...everything I had stashed somewhere in the house.

The kids and I had a blast looking at all the old cards and remarking on how the kids and families have grown over the years.  So, if you've sent me a holiday card over the last 8, yes EIGHT years.... we gotcha covered!!

This was really fun and I've already had a few guests comment on how great they turned out! I'm so excited! I can't wait to make them part of my Holiday Decor next season! So, now if I can do it..I know YOU can do it too!!

Happy Holidays!

(maybe next Christmas, I'll actually send OUT holiday cards.....baby steps, baby steps.)


MW said...

is it bad, that come Jan 1, i put the ones people mailed me in the recycle bin?

Dionn said...

Note to self...don't send hardcopy card to M.W. :P