Friday, August 26, 2011

What I Learned at School Today

It seem counter-intuitive, but sometimes it is really, really hard to do nice things for other people.

Lately there has been an over-abundance of ridiculous, over-bearing, political and ego-induced hurdles thrown up and blocking progress. In the working world, I expect that sort of goes with the territory, that's why you get paid, etc. etc.  But when it comes to volunteer work, I mean, come on... I'M TRYING TO HELP KIDS, people.....why are you making this so freakin' difficult?  #!$^*%!#!!!

And just when I feel like saying to hell with it all, the universe responds with a couple of well-placed, much-needed words from a young girl who's not even involved in any of my programs but sees us around and has friends involved.

Thank you Jenna S. for letting me know that I AM making a difference and what I do is important. You couldn't have known how much I needed to hear something like that....thank you.

Our conversation this morning reminded me of two things:
1. Never underestimate your influence and impact on those around you. Even the smallest efforts may reach beyond your expectations. People respond to what you do as much as to what you say.

2. If you are thankful or proud or motivated by someone, let them know. Your kinds words could be just the thing they need to hear. You don't have to wait for a special occasion or anything. Say it when you feel it -- it will go far.

I challenge each of you today, to think about someone you appreciate and let them know, NOW. Let's make it a great Friday.