Friday, October 23, 2009

Pictures and More from Perth

Today was kind of a busy day! Started with an easy run this morning that turned into something unexpected (see my post below).  Then met up with Suzanne and got our bikes finished being built and checked over by the team mechanics. (Logan - btw..they say don't take off the cassettes, but DO take off the time we know!)

Then we had some team business to take care of. Here's Suzanne and I hanging out at the team meeting:

We were sitting in the way back...but it was a great vantage point to check out the rest of Team USA!

And here's part of the Austin contigent: Glenda, Stephan, Suzanne and me!

(Clearly I've been spending too much time with my cheerleaders...look at my pose! Ready? OK!  oye.)

We learned lots of things at the team meeting, like how brutal the swim start was going to be. (Apparently, ITU event swim starts are (and I quote) "much, much worse than anything you've seen in the US"). Omg. I immediately start to freak out and then the girl next to me goes, "Yea -- and the women are WAY worse than the men!"

Great. That does it.  I'm starting at the way, way back far outside part of the pack.  I want nothing, I repeat, NOTHING to do with a brawl in the water.  Wanna take it outside to a bar or parking lot or something, then bring it...but in the water? PASS!

But the coolest thing was hearing the Team Coach talk about what an honor and priviledge we all have before us...something very few people will ever in their lifetime get a chance to do...and that is compete in the name of our country. He told us that no matter how we finish, he wanted us to remember that we are wearing the red, white and blue and to be proud of all that it has taken to get to this point. He also reminded us that as representatives of our country, he expects us to be model citizens, offer encouragement and support to our fellow competitors but most especially to our fellow teammates. Even if we don't know someone's name, yelling "GO USA" will go along way in lifting up a teammate.

And then he mentioned, "And if you feel like it, when you are coming down that finishing chute, go ahead and grab the American flag and run in with it."  Wow. How awesome would THAT be!!  I'd never even thought about having an opportunity to do that...but I guess, yea, being on Team USA..that's something I get a chance to do!

At this point, it was all I could do to refrain myself from jumping up and starting a cheer: "USA! USA! USA!"  How much of a dork am I? Wait...don't answer that. :P

After the team meeting, we had a chance to walkabout on our way to the team picture (I don't have a copy yet, but as soon as I do, I will post). Here are some shots of the city beginning with downtown Perth:

This tree is from the park where we took our just looked really cool to me, I'm not sure why.

Here I am in front of the finisher's chute...hopefully someone will hand me an Old Glory to run in with...since I'm going to be last in from the USA, they should have plenty of time to find one for me...sigh...

And what sport would be complete with out a resident jerk? Well, we've already found's this guy below. He's from New Zealand. He's apparently much better than anyone else at this event and does not feel the need to abide by even the mildest of manners. You, sir, win my "Jerk of the Night" award. Congrats. Ass. $20US says he busted for at least one penalty on Sunday. #jerkALERT

Fortunately, we also got a chance to meet some really, really cool team members.  This jacket below belongs to Barbara. Check out how many short and long course Duathlon and Triathlon World Championships she has competed in! AMAZING! 

How awesome is that!! Her earliest one is from the Olympic Distance Triathlon in Manchester, England in 1993!! This year alone she will have done Short and Long Course Triathlon (Gold Coast and Perth) and Short Course Duathlon (Concord, NC) World Championships. And you thought I was addicted? HELLO! I've got so much room to move now! ;)

Awesome day. So. ready. for bed.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......


Mike_Is_In_Austin said...

Thanks for sharing!
I read that Ironman Kona World Champ Craig Alxander may compete, so hopefull he does and puts jerky boy in his place!
Have you located a Koala bear to snag and bring home for me, yet?!

Dionn said...

Saw Craig this evening, but he will not be racing. Kona took a lot out of him, so he's just going to be here and cheer everyone on!

erin said...

Ready? OK! Go get 'em, D! POA is in place!

Slingshot said...

great pics!