Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hogwarts Triathlon!!!

So, I'm just about for a little morning run along the beautiful Swan River and upon my return as I approach the athletes village, I can see it is abuzz with activity.

Wow! I'm thinking. Everybody's up and at 'em at the village this morning, maybe I'll just swing through and see what's going on.

As I get closer, I hear lots of excited voices...but something's off.  These aren't the voices of's KIDS!  I look around and the place is teaming with children all dressed in brightly colored matching ensembles. There's a red team, a blue, a black, a yellow.  All sporting names and mascots and crests on their gear.

What what? They are chanting names, throwing high fives, taunting the other teams and gearing up...all yelling in their totally cute Australian accents and I can't help but think....OMG. I've landed at Hogwarts!

And then I remember! Oh yes! As part of the championship weekend, they have a Primary Schools triathlon!! How awesome is that!!!

I hustle down to the swim start just in time to see the first group heading off on their 200m swim.  I'm standing behind a blue team and they are excitedly talking about their guy (who apparently is in the lead). I hear comments like (imagine the appropriate accent here) "Wow. 200 meters. That's a really long way." "What would happen if all of a sudden four fins popped up in the water!" "That would be awesome!" "Yea..I'd bet they'd swim a lot faster then." "Let's go cheer him on when he comes running out!" "Yea!"

With that a whole gaggle runs off to the swim finish chute.

Then the bike portion begins. I'm seeing everything from a kid in a AERO helmet on a bianchi with race wheels! (I am not kidding here. Australians clearly take this tri business seriously) to kids on heavy BMX bikes with skater helmets and what look like skydiving goggles on! This is classic stuff.

At this point, I solemnly swear to never, ever, ever go running without my iPhone or camera again. Why oh WHY can I not be taking pictures of this great stuff! I'm so sorry my lone blog reader! I shall not fail you again. No. I shall not. Let it be written. Let it be done.

If I didn't need food and water, I would've stayed longer.  But I wanted to share this info with you because it is so cute and awesome!  I might grab my camera and head back down to see if the action is still going on. It is so Fantastic!!!

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Haha, that's great!