Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Getting Back into the Speed of Things

So, I've recently begun working out with Carmen to try to wrangle some speed back into my legs after all the long, slow distance I've been doing over the last year for Boston and Ironman training.

This morning we had 800m repeats on the Barton Springs loop at "cruise" speed. (See Mr. McMillan). For me, that should be about a 7:14/M pace.

Here's how my paces went down:

#1 - 7:11/M (not too bad..considering 2nd 400 is uphill)
#2 - 6:43/M (love the downhills!)
#3 - 7:01/M (getting after it...)
#4 - 6:40/M (get you some, D!)
#5 - 7:25/M (hmmm...think I used too much that last time)
#6 - 7:05/M (finish strong! YES!)

All in all, a good morning, I felt. Maybe the legs are coming back a little....

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MikeWinAustin said...

has she said any sentence with the word "giraffe" in it?