Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ironman Coeur d'Alene: Tomorrow

I can't believe in less than 12 hours, I will be on the culminating step of becoming an Ironman!

I've excited and nervous and excited and nervous!!!

Today was the last day of preparation and was quite a busy morning. It began with a final ride (to make sure the bike was working properly) down the GORGEOUS Centennial Trail with my partners in Crime, Erin, Ebot and Dbot. It is light quite early here, so we rode in the bright morning at 6am!

Next came the "Packing of the Bags". Seriously...this is an arduous task. 5 bags. Yes, that's right 5. And you know how much I LOVE packing. Ugh.

Then we headed down to the race site for my last pre-race swim. Needed one more dip in the lake to work through water issues. This time it took me MUCH LESS time to actually start swimming than before!! I just took my time, did my cold water ritual and was good to go. I bet it took less than a minute for me to stand there and collect myself. Guess what...I'll take it!!

And then the bots wanted to swim too

but I said, No -- because there wasn't a lifeguard on duty. And they aren't very strong swimmers...they kinda just blocks.

Then it was off to check in the bikes and bags. We are racked by number (By age group, by age, then alphabetically...). And it even has our name on the rack!! (May seem like a small detail, but I thought it was really cool!)

Then it was off to do our interviews for the team DVD that T3 is having made of our trip. I think it is going to turn out great!!! Well, at least the interviews will be good for a laugh or two.

And then it was time for lunch! Yes..all of that..before lunch! OYE!!

The rest of the day has been spent relaxing, chilling with friends and coaches, going on the rollercoaster of Ironman emotions, hydrating, stretching and trying to tame the butterflies in my tummy.

There is nothing left to do at this point except go out and enjoy the day tomorrow. The calls, emails, notes, flowers, gifts and well-wishes I've received have been heaven sent. Each of you has supported me in ways you many never fully know and I humbly say Thank you for letting me a part of your life as you are a part of mine. It is your kindness, thoughtfulness, understanding, instruction, compassion, empathy and love that have brought me to this point.

Tonight, I go to bed Dionn Michelle Schaffner. Tomorrow, I plan on going to bed: Dionn Michelle Schaffner, Ironman.


erin said...

YAY Dionn!!! (we'll just let d-bot & e-bot share the glory too, kay?)

like blocks. hahahaha...

erin said...

okay, read this again... and... YOU DID GO TO BED, DIONN MICHELLE SCHAFFNER - IRONMAN! (with your medal around your neck, to boot!)

i love you!!!