Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ironman Coeur d'Alene: T-2 days

Holy smokes! What an amazing location for an amazing event! I can't believe it is finally here!!!
I've been training since January 7th and now it is finally..FINALLY (yet somehow quickly) here!

After a 2-hour nap, that was supposed to be last night's sleep (since it took me that long to finally finish I had a special project I HAD to take care of before I left..), the first half of the day was spent traveling to Idaho. Nice and uneventful. Just like I like it.

Then headed out to Athlete's Village and did the formal check in thingy. And got THIS:

I'm so freaking excited!!!! :)

Tomorrow, we head out with the team for a morning swim in the lake. Water temps are supposed to be around 64 degrees. BBBRRRRR!!! But it could be a lot worse. Think warm thoughts for me!!!!!
GO T3 Blue!

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