Tuesday, March 3, 2009

When Quality Scares You...

Today kicked off the first (of many) quality run workouts for Team Rogue's Boston training group. To date, we've just been building base mileage. (Some up to 70, 80, 90 and 100 miles per week!! Uh..not me though.) To say I was a little nervous, would be a vast understatement.

It is one thing to head off on a 14-mile trek with your pace group and just let the miles click by. And it is quite another to embark on a quality workout that involves track work where your coach is just standing there watching everyone go around and around and checking splits the whole way.

Although Sisson's fire and brimestone speech at the beginning about how he wanted to see us working hard and that there was to be NO quitting with f-bombs dropped in for efficacy was scary....it definitely got me fired up. I guess I'm just one of those athletes that responds to that kind of thing. (So, if you ever see me lolligagging or struggling, feel free to yell, swear and douse me with tough love -- I may hate you at the moment, but I will love you later...I promise.)

He also ranked three goals of the workout. The first and most important was hitting your paces on the 1200 on the track. The second was doing all 5. And finally was the pace on the one mile. As long as you didn't go slower than MGP on the one mile part - he was totally cool with that.

So, the workout involved a warm up then 5 times through the following:

1-mile at somewhere between Tempo and MGP around the Deep Eddy loop. (yay Veteran's hill....sigh.)
1200 meters at 10k pace on the track


My goals were:

Tempo - MGP pace: 7:58 - 8:23
10K pace: 7:41/M

That's for the 3:40 marathon. Realistically, I think this should be my B goal. I would LOVE to put down a 3:35..and those paces would be:
Tempo - MGP: 7:46 - 8:11
10K pace: 7:31/M

However, given that I knew it was going to be difficult to finish the entire workout, I figured if I could hit somewhere in between the two, that would be a good day. Right?

Here's how it went down:

1-mile: 8:25/M (can you say "conservative"? you know me..always worried about finishing..)
400: 7:29/M
400: 7:46/M
400: 7:46/M

(Just couldn't quite get dialed in on my pace...kept trying to check my Garmin, but it was dark, so I had to turn the light on, futzing around with it..GRrrrrrr. I decided next time to just run 10-K effort and check at the end of each 400)

1-mile: 8:12/M
400: 7:32/M
400: 7:29/M
400: 7:29/M

(much better all around. Now, 3 more...just like that.)

1-mile: 8:11/M
400: 7:14/M (too fast!)
400: 7:31/M
400: 7:45/M (paying for that first 400)

(good...but getting tired...two more to go...Come 'on D.)

1-mile: 8:29/M (lost my pace group when I stopped to potty..didn't keep up the pace by myself enough)
400: 7:24/M (settle down, D.)
400: 7:31/M
400: 7:30/M

(felt good nailing that last 400. One more to go. Let's do this thing.)

1-mile: 8:24/M (feeling really tired now...gotta dig deep for the next piece)
400: 7:23/M
400: 7:37/M (dig, DIG for the finish!!)
400: 7:15/M


I hit my 10-K paces for my "wish" goal, did all 5, but lost a few seconds on the 1-mile part. All in all, though, I consider it a successful workout! With the cooldown, it was 13 miles of QUALITY work this morning.

I had a bowl of Frosted Flakes to celebrate. :)


MikeW said...

nicely done!
yes, i hear ya on that tired legs on the 4th one!
3:35!!! yes yes yes!!!


Oh my God--that workout sounds ridiculously difficult and yet AMAZING!! Can you describe the Deep Eddy one-mile loop? Where does it start and end?


Priscilla said...

Woo hoo!! You did it! Oh, how I miss hearing the F bomb from Sisson's mouth :)

kristenbaucher said...

great job out there this morning!!

Ali said...

Kicking ass and takin names ! Awesome!