Saturday, March 28, 2009

In the thick of it...

I am squarely in the heart of my training right now.

Last weekend (after spending a wonderful week in Park City, Utah) I returned to our fabulous river city Friday night at 10:30 to get my ass to bed so I can be up Saturday morning to ride 80 miles followed by a 50-minute run of the bike.

Even though I had been skiing, my legs felt good and fresh as I opted NOT to do any running, biking or swimming while on Spring Break.

I had a great time riding with Jen N. (who was slumming and riding with me) and ended up finishing my 80 miles in a little over 4.5 hours. Didn't have a tremendously speedy transition to the run, but set off on a nice brick run and ended up running 5.6 miles at an 8:55/M pace. Hell, I'll take that! You bet!

The next day I only had a 14-mile run on the schedule because it was an "easy recovery" week for Team Rogue's Boston Group. (I love that throwing down a half marathon is considered easy...whatever...we are so twisted..) Did two loops around the lake at 8:46/M. I'll take that too!

Then during the week jumped back into a hard week for Ironman and Boston group with the following:

Swimming: 2xT3 swim workouts + Quarry Swim (3 loops nonstop)
Cycling: 2xT3 spin classes @ 1.75hrs each
Core: 2xT3 pre-spin core @ .5hrs each
Running: Warhurst #2 (see previous post)

I was actually feeling some pain in my knee and foot, so I laid off running the remainder of the week as I noticed I had completely worn down the inside edge of my right shoe. Same thing happened with my previous pair and cause the same type of pain. I need to keep an eye on my shoe mileage and switch out my shoes BEFORE the pain starts. Duh. (seriously, I have a post-graduate degree and still can't figure that out. I'm a dork.)

The weekend craziness (after consulting both coaches) called for a 100-mile bike ride and a 20-mile run the next day. My ORIGINAL plan was to ride Saturday and run Sunday...but mother nature was having her way with the wind this morning and at 4am as I listened to the 15-20mph wind rush around, I decided to run Saturday and ride Sunday.

I had a GREAT run with Team Rogue's Sadie (thanks Sadie!!!!) and ran a nice and steady 20 miles at 9:30/M.

Tomorrow I'm looking forward to my very FIRST 100-miler!! Yes, this will be the farthest I've every cycled. I'm excited and nervous. I'm just going to go steady and get 'er done.

So if you see me out tomorrow on 360, southwest parkway, 71, 620 or Parmer. Say hi!!! I'll be around...on my oye.

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