Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Week #4 -- CHECK!

Still hanging in there....

Swim: 2.5 hrs = 6600yds
(2-T3 swim classes)....still haven't gotten in BS yet...THIS WEEK, I SWEAR!

Bike: 6.5hrs
(1x1.5hr spin, 1x1.25hr spin, 58.5 mile Dam Loop ride)

Run: 7 hrs = 46 miles
(including 4.5mile recovery run, 16mile long run, 10miler w/4 miles at Tempo-ish, 12miler and 3.5 brick of the bike)

Core: 1hr
(2x.5hr core class)

Total Hrs: 17

When's that recovery week coming already? sheesh....


Coach Logan said...

Toughen up there school bus driver.

Maggie said...

wow! great job D!

Priscilla said...

Wow, great job keeping up the running :) You're gonna rock Boston!!