Saturday, February 21, 2009


I've finally started feeling like an actual runner this week... It has been a long time since I've felt good about my running. My paces just haven't been where they were last year when I was training for the Austin Marathon. Granted, I had started marathon training in October and this year I didn't really start until January, but in my head I just haven't been able to get comfortable with the fact that my speed and endurance isn't where it was this time last year. All a mind meld, I know...but what can you do?

ANYWAY! It started with a great run on Thursday. I was coming off having only done 1 workout (a swim) in the previous two days. (Forced day off on Tuesday as I was puking my guts out...big fun, I know...then just a swim on Wednesday) I had forgotten how nice it was to run on fresh legs. Holy Cow! The weather was absolutley beautiful..the sun was shining and it was about 60-63 degrees on the trail. Just perfect.

I headed out on the trail for the 7 mile loop. (Sisson had suggested 6-8 miles in preparation for the Soul Buster on Saturday) I figured I'd just start out easy and the try and descend each mile. And here's how it went down:

1 - 9:18
2 - 8:42
3 - 8:30
4 - 8:17
5 - 8:13
6 - 7:58
7 - 7:07


THEN, today we had Soul Buster Lite with Team Rogue which was 16 miles of hills (on streets with names like Mt. Bonnell and Mountain Climber..big fun) followed by 4 miles on the track at Marathon Goal Pace (MGP) which is currently 8:23/M (which is a 3:40 marathon). The route was supposed to be similar to the Boston route.

Keep in mind that the last time I ran 20 miles was...well...the marathon LAST Feb! I wasn't sure how the distance was going to feel, so I figured to just take it nice and steady so I still had some left for the track work, and did just that.

I stayed on top of my nutrition and felt good throughout the 16. Ran E.V.E.R.Y. hill (there were LOTS). Didn't walk at all. YAY!

Hopped on the track and busted out the following:
17 - 8:16
18 - 8:13
19 - 8:03
20 - 7:37


Ok...some would say at this point that I'm sandbagging on my MGP, but until I can actually run at least 20 at 8:23... I ain't changing it!!!! I'm sure I'll have the opportunity quite shortly...

But in the meantime, I am PUMPED! SUHWEET! YAY RUNNING!!


Sadie J said...

Sandbagging on mgp, yes, but totally understandable. You rocked out there today. Good job!

Shorey said...

You have plenty of time until sandbagging is no longer allowed, so enjoy it while you can. Still an excellent showing, D!

Jess said...

Nice job D...i must say i'm a bit envious of the running...(i'm having running dreams where it does not hurt and man is it good)...rock on with your bad-ass self

etg said...

You are amazing!!! Great work!!!