Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Where'd it go?

Last week, that is?

My goodness...it was a crazy, hectic one around this household. As if the normal schedule is crazy enough, here's a quick recap..as I won't bore you with the details...but in involved some of the following:

- school holiday, sick babysitter, mom's reconstructive knee surgery, watching the inauguration while she's in the recovery room while spinning on my trainer at home, 8-mile run while doing laundry, figuring out that waking Devon from his nap to get to gymnastics at the new time is NOT a good idea, kids swimming lessons, visiting GG in the hospital, getting up at the crack ass of dawn to run a chilly, hilly 10-miler through Rollingwood AND keeping up with my pace group, switching to low-fat cream cheese (not so bad after all!), dealing with Cheer moms (more on that later. ugh.), getting my ass kicked at spin by Coach Pain (loved it though -- keep it coming!), making 2 presentations to the community about our new Pop Warner organization (seriously, more coming on that in another post) and hanging out with Chance Mock (who is pretty hysterical, actually!), lunch with friends (YAY E!!), getting talked into braving the torrential winds and chills of a 60-mile Parmer bike ride and finishing (Thank you Logan, Joe, Noah, Elizabeth, JR, Yvonne and Michelle for being Team D and supporting me!), getting mom home from the hospital (Hooray!!), having my sister and her kids come in town (YAY!), pacing a friend to a PR at 3M the next day, Shay's Kings posting their first loss but parents recovering well with drinks and frivolity post-game at the Oasis.


Week ending Training Stats:

Swimming: 1.25hrs (fell a little short here, but figured my 6.2 mile swim last Sunday would cut me a break this week)

Biking: 7hrs (including one hellacious 60-mile ride with wind that took me 4.5 hours)

Running: 5.75hrs (including 3M Half @ 8:15/M the day after my 60-mile ride)

Core: .5hrs

Total Hrs: 14.5 hrs

Just in case you were wondering what I was up to last week....there ya go.


MikeW said...

Until you're done with Boston, please refer to running in miles. Once you are done with Boston, you can proceed with silly Tri antics and just count time! (seriously, what kind of run training is that!!!???)
: )

Only time a "runner" counts time instead of miles is when we train for ultra marathons and them it's referred to as "trail time". Just FYI.

MikeW said...

... And when it's trail time, we're talking about 4 hours+ of trail time per session.
Luv ya!

Dionn said...

Good grief Mike...don't be a tri-hater!! ;)

40 miles running...on my way up to 60 on the lydiard plan.

MikeW said...

Not Tri-hatin' at all!
just reminding you, you're still a runner through April 22!