Thursday, January 29, 2009


That was awesome. Sometimes timing happens just right..on accident!

I was dropping the Devonator off at pre-school which is right next door to Shay's elementary. And just as I was walking out, I noticed that the 2nd graders were out doing their 1-mile run test!

I stood on the edge of the field and got to cheer them all around as they tried to finish 1-mile in 10 minutes...or run as many laps as they could in that time.

They were all surprised to see me the first time they came by and I was greeted with "Hi Mrs. Schaffner!!" and "What are you doing here?"

It was really fun encouraging them to just keep their legs moving. I kept yelling "Go Medium. GO MEDIUM!" Because most of them would go really fast for a bit and then walk and then really fast..and then walk. (Or maybe they were doing fartleks!)

The ones who did the best were those who went nice and steady.

Notables were Dylan (LoJo's son...going to be just like his ironman one day for sure) and Timmy ("Legs" Hanna's son....looking an awful like his old man...just eating up mileage at a good clip).

Shay needs to learn the "go steady" plan. Or maybe he's going to be a sprinter? We need to do some work on some easy, long runs with him I think. (note to self). Nonetheless, I think he made the "Titan Wall of Fame" with his run today. YAY!!!

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