Saturday, January 3, 2009

Not quite how they write it up...

...but I did manage to get it done today.

I had a FANTASTIC ride in the glorious sunshine today. (85 and sunny in January? I love Austin.)

Big thanks to Tom B. and Chris G. for making some sweet draft zones for me to cruise in. I tried to pull a couple would be mainly uphill...and let's just face it, I don't have as much to move up the hill as they do....but then we'd crest the hill and those two would go FLYING down past me. Of course then I would just snuggle into their draft, hold on tight and be pulled down the hill at breakneck speed!!

So sorry guys, I didn't pull my share! (I've got a lot of work to do in the next 6 months I'm afraid!)

I thought about bricking and getting my run done, but teammates started talking about breakfast and the run was quickly demoted!!

But I DID manage to get my run in this evening before sunset. And the weather was perfect! (In my opinion of course). Running in sleeveless shirt and shorts in January. Nice!!

So it wasn't quite the brick I had originally envisioned, nor getting up at the crack ass of dawn to run BEFORE my ride as was also suggested (Mark E - you are crazy!!), but it was done nonetheless.


Now, MORE football, pizza and beer! :)

And how about that wind and the very end! Holy SH#T!!!!


Shorey said...

Are pizza & beer in your nutrition plan?

Dionn said...

what? carbs, right? ;)