Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My First 10K!

That's right! I did it! My very first 10-K!!

Oh, did I mention that I was SWIMMING it?!!!


So, T3 does this annual craziness -- 100 x 100 Meter Swim Challenge. Naturally I had to give it a whirl. Yes, my typical swim workout is only around 3500 yards. Yes, the longest distance I've ever done is 2 miles. Yes, this would be THREE TIMES that...but what the hell, let's give it a whirl!

I figured it was in a pool, so worst case scenario (cramp up, seize up, run out of gas, whatever..) someone could easily save me, right?

Headed out to Lost Creek Pool with the rest of the crazy folks...took my handy-dandy carrier with drinks and snacks (per Logan's recommendation. Good call, by the way, thanks!)

It was basically like a regular workout -- just a whole lot longer. We had 10 sets of 10X100's of various things like paced swims, drills, pulls and kick sets.

It actually wasn't bad. We just kept churning through each 2:00 minute interval and knocking down 1,000's methodically. And before I knew it, we had finished 5,000! We got some fluids and fuel and carried on.

We started with maybe 7 or so in my lane, but after 6,000 there was only 3 of us left!! And at this point, we were closing in on 10:30...the cut off time. I was like, SHIT, there is no way I'm going to be able to finish another 4,000 before then. DAMMIT, DAMMIT, DAMMIT!

But then I heard Joe in the other lane tell his peeps, No, she won't kick us out. I won't let her! YAY JOE!

But at 8,200 meters, Chrissie had to open up the other lanes for the members, so the remaining folks had to combine into two lanes. I ended up in a lane with Joe, Blythe, Katy, and Elizabeth. Here's where I started to sing "One of these things is not like the others....." and think "Lord, please just let me keep up. I don't want to get lapped. I won't rest in between 100's if that's what it takes, but don't let me get lapped!"

And sure enough, if I didn't rest, I didn't get lapped. So I did the next 1,000 meters the hard way with Katy breathing down my ass on the last 25 of each 100. SWIM, SWIM, SWIM! I imagined hearing her dropping F-bombs all over the place if I slowed her down at all, so that kept me really motivated to keep it going! ;)

It was really invigorating because those guys were on their LAST 1,000. So they were all pumped up. So when they finished and everyone was cheering, clapping, high fiving and getting out, I still had 800 to go!

I looked around. EVERYBODY was getting out. And I mean Everybody. But there was NO way in hell I was going to get to 9200 and quit! Are you freakin kidding me? Chrissie would have to forcibly drag me from the pool.

I was tired, but not completely dead. I knew at that point I could finish it. So, I took a breath, pushed off and swam.

The water was calm and still. There wasn't a single ripple save for the ones I made. The sun was out. The water was warm. Under the water was quiet and peaceful. It was a beautiful time to swim.

Touch, pull, roll. Touch, pull, roll. Touch, pull, roll. Breathe.

Touch, pull, roll. Touch, pull, roll. Touch, pull, roll. Breathe.

I settled into a steady, go-forever pace and just swam.

It took about a 100 meters or so for the others to realize I was still going. I wasn't just warming down. And that's when I started hearing the cheers and the encouragement from the few remaining folks. Lapuente sat on the starting platform at the end of the lane. I could see her and hear her at every 50. The Blakistones, Elizabeth, Jane, Mo clapping and cheering too. "Keep going, Dionn! You can do it!"

I drew from their energy and kept swimming. 700, 600, 500. I just kept going. Not resting. Just swimming slow and steady. I am going to finish. I. am. going. to. finish.

400 meters left? Piece of cake.

300 meters. That's like swimming at the Rookie. I kicked ass at the Rookie. Swim. Swim. Swim.

200 meters. Holy crap. I really AM going to finish!

100 meters. Sweet. I'm going to do 50 at this pace and then finish strong.

50 meters. Swim. Hard. Fast. BANG!

And I was DONE!


Cheers from the team surrounded me. I felt great! WOW! I did it. I actually swam 6.2 miles!!

My shoulders hurt, my mouth was dry and I felt like I had a chemical peel all over my body from being in that crazy chlorine for something like 4 hours.

But it all felt good!

THAT, people, was FU-UN!

Mo treated us to chocolate chip pancakes, eggs with cheese and lots and lots of yummy bacon. A just reward in my book!!

10,000 Meter Swim? CHECK!!


Jess said...

great job...i was thinking of you guys swimming while i was running...i really wanted to be there...but hey there is always a goal to look forward to...awesome work!

plain-jane said...

Where did you get that carrier? It will work far better than my cardboard one.

Priscilla said...

Incredible!! Congratulations on not giving up and pushing through!!

clivingston said...

Congrats! Now the IM swim will seem like nothing! Maybe you can do an extra loop? Haha. TOTALLY kidding :)

shubbe said...

That sounds fun! Congratulations on living through that and finishing so strong.

Shorey said...

only you would think something like that is FU-UN. Good job!

(my verification, if you can believe it, is "flybutz" - hahahaha)

etg said...

You were awesome, D! You never once looked like you didn't belong swimming those 100 x 100s! Congrats on yet another accomplishment to add to your already long list!

Maggie said...

Amazing! Just amazing. you are one heck of an athlete!