Saturday, January 17, 2009


Wow. Where the heck did the week go?

Between standard workouts, a memorial ride, sick kids, a birthday, a new venture getting under way, internet technical issues, cold temps and hot RPCs... this past week really got away from me!

I am just taking a brief moment to sit down before the melee picks up again.

This weekend it is all about LSD...that's Long, Slow, Distance.

Yesterday it was a 50-mile bike ride. On my trainer. Oh joy. BUT, I got to watch 2 hours of my favorite show that always makes me cry, but which I'm kinda embarrased to admit I watch...but, hey...whatever, right?

Today it was a 14, uh no, 16, uh no.... 17.5! mile run. (Ok, Ruthie -- you really need to check the mileage on your maps!! Love ya!). It was long and DEFINITELY slow.

But Steve said between this new program and IM training in this endurance building phase, I'm going to get slower before I get I'm taking him at his word. PLUS, according to McMillan - I was within the range for my Long Runs there! Hmpf.

And tomorrow, I will be attempting 100 X 100 meters swimming. Yep, that's not a typo. Something like 6 miles?? WHY? I dunno. Somebody said something about a "challenge" and you know me....can't say no. So tomorrow, I'll be jumping in the Lost Creek pool with a bunch of other crazy T3ers and see how far I can go.

Mind you, I've never swam more than 2 miles in a single it should be quite interesting!!!

Long and slow....that's my motto for the weekend. :)

Who's with me????


Shorey said...

That was definitely me today during my run of 22 miles. Long & slow. Ran into Carolyn. She said you were asking about me...what's up? (and OMG, the word verification is "booty"- not kidding)

erin said...

Stay away from the 7th Heaven, woman!

Dionn said...

Shorey - really? that's weird. I only remember asking her for a map at the beginning of the run and for a bean and cheese taco afterwards! (mmmmmm...taco deli!)

E - Thanks for calling me out. (But I so need an intervention!)