Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fortitude Test #1 of 2009

Tuesday morning 4:00am came very, very early (especially since I was up through the end of the Texas game Monday night. GO HORNS!!) and to top it off I was hearing the pitter patter of rain drops outside the window.

A quick glance at the weather app on that first number a 4????? UGH!

Rainy AND Cold? Add in some apprehension about running with Team Rogue for the first time and the following conversation started:

IMWBD (IronManWannaBeD): I really should get up and get my breakfast locked and loaded so I can take care of everything before the workout begins.

D: I've gotten 4 hours of sleep. It is early. It is raining. It is cold. I'm only running 10. I'll just do it later.

IMWBD: Wimp. I bet the rest of Team Rogue will be there.

D: Oh yea? Let's just see. (Sends text to Fellow Roguer: Are y'all going to run in this weather? ugh.)
(while waiting for response)

IMWBD: You have 15 minutes to get your breakfast in, now get up and move it.
D: But it's raining and cold! It will be hard.
IMWBD: You think an Ironman's going to be easy?
D: well, no..but
IMWBD: Who knows what the weather's going to be like at the race...remember that one earlier this year in the northeast? miserable the whole time...did those guys not show up?
D: well, no..but
IMWBD: Are you telling me that you are only going to do things if they are nice, warm, easy and cozy?
D: well, no..but
IMWBD: but what?
D: nothing..let me get my breakfast down

FR(Fellow Roguer txt response): If no lightning, yes. :( I may skip.
D to FR: Ugh. It is really yucky out.
IMWBD to D: Uh....excuse me?
FR: Don't go. Run later. You have the luxury to do so. I like rain runs but not FREEZING rain runs.

(A standoff between D and IMWBD.)
D: See..even the hardcore peeps are sleeping in...
IMWBD: Is this really how you want to start your IM training of 6 months and Boston Marathon training? Really?
D:, not really.
IMWBD: Then don't.
D: (Checks in with heart, gut and soul) Ok. Let's do this thing.

D to FR: But I'm awake and have kid coverage so I'm going to go.
IMWBD to D: HOORAY!! (Fist pump and cheerleader jump!)
FR: Hmmmm. Now you're making me feel like a wuss. Wear rain gear! DUH!

(few minutes later)
FR: Ufck. I can't make up my mind!
FR: I'm out. I know, I'm a Wuss!
D: Wuss!! I'm on my way! Come!
FR: Nope. ZzzzzzzZzzzzzzzz
D: LOL! Bye Sleepyhead!

Once I was in the car, driving through the cold rain, I knew I was good to go. Getting the 10-miles in would be no problem. I was dressed pretty well (turns out later that I had on one layer too many -- typical of me) and the rain really wasn't all that bad with my jacket and cap on.

I ended up running with Sadie (a lurker on my blog who finally introduced herself to me -- HI SADIE!!) for most of the run and it was great! I'm looking forward to lots of great runs.

I did have to make a pit stop at Starbuck's. I don't think my system is used to running quite that early. Only one way to fix that though...keep doing it!!

BUT THEN....I still had core and spin to tackle in the evening. And that isn't anything you can just slide your way through.

Core wasn't too bad, until we started the leg stuff. On the frog jumps, I could barely get off the ground. legs were tired. Planks were particularly challenging...more so than usual..but I managed to make it through.

On to spin! It took me quite some time to warmup and to get my tension dialed in appropriately on my trainer. And per usual, after about an hour in (beginning with core) I finally started feeling better! I was able to hit the gears and cadences as Mo called them out. I was even able to churn 120 RPMs when necessary!!

It felt good..but afterwards I was quite tired AND HUNGRY!! I locked and loaded a huge Spicy Chicken bowl from Zen (Yes Meredith -- with brown rice and white meat!).

Except for the leg cramps during the night (I need to work on my hydration strategy I think...), I slept like a freakin' ROCK!

And now on to today's workouts: lunch time swim and a 4-mile run while the boys have their swimming lessons.

Let's see how it goes...


Sadie J said...

Hi there! Nice inner dialogue...what a good way to start all of your training - an awesome cold rain run.

It is amazing that you did core and spin in the afternoon. I lied on the couch and ate bon bons (almost literally).

erin said...

Damn! You are a machine, D! I encourage more naps!

Priscilla said...

You looked awesome on the bike! Glad to be able to be your spinning partner for the evening :) You should get your FR to buy you a breakfast taco for his/her absence ;)