Saturday, January 31, 2009

Damn! The Dam Loop Brick


We did the Dam loop today. Plus a little 30-minute run afterwards. Just the first brick on our way to Ironman. No big deal, right?

Ugh. Hills, hills and more hills! But I actually had a really good time! There's something crazy fun about pushing yourself (figuratively and literally). So many times my legs were screaming..STOP! We've had enough! But just kept churning around and around and around.

Big thanks to all those who rode with me, especially Jen and Carrie who really made me work hard miles 25-58. Those girls can MOVE people. Whew.

It was also really cool to see all the T3 jerseys out there! Way to Represent!

On the final stretch home, it was Jen, Carrie, Blythe, Laurie and myself...all in our T3 jerseys. We agreed that we felt like some Hell's Angels bike group or something. It was Awesome!! We even made friends with some Harley guys when we stopped at a light at 360!!

The run off the bike was a brutal reminder of the joy of bricking. Yikes. My legs were really dead for the first mile, so I just locked into a slow-go-forever pace and tried to focus on my turnover. Before glancing at my Garmin, I was thinking I would be happy with a 9:30/M pace..but feeling like it was probably closer to 10:00. But lo and behold, it was 9:02! Sweet!

And by the end of the first mile, my legs were starting to remember how to run, and even though we had some hills (yea..thanks for that choice, Carrie! ;) I even managed to drop it down to 8:50 for the next mile.

By mile 3, I was tired but feeling actually ok at this point and managed to put together 8:25. And for the final .5, I dropped it to 8:12. Not too shabby for having just done 58 miles of hills, I think.

It was a good workout. I didn't eat NEARLY enough. One package of shot blocks at mile 25 plus drinking 2 bottles of gatorade throughout the whole ride. Plus, 1 Gu at the start of the run. That ain't going to cut it, sister.

Mo gave me some Carbo-Pro to sample for next time. Coach Logan's recipe: 4 scoops Carbo-Pro + 1 packet of PureSport (for Flava and stuff). I'll give that a whirl next time and see how it goes.

Afterwards, I inhaled some PureSport recovery. Then followed that with a YUMMY lunch at Galaxy with the team. Pretty much ate everything on my plate too. (Meredith - it was a wheat tortilla on my wrap...aren't you proud? Of course, I did have cheese, bacon, avocado and french fries also..the regular fries, not sweet potatoe..oops.)

All in all a GREAT morning/afternoon. Now a little rest and MORE food and playtime with the munchkins. Tomorrow's 16-miler will be here before I know it!

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erin said...

you are absolutely amazing, my friend. :) All this on 2.5 hours of sleep, too. Wow.