Friday, January 30, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

(Did this as a FB exercise, but wanted to put it here -- as my blog gets fed into my journal, so killing two birds with one stone.)

1. I was born in London, England

2. When I moved to Texas (for the first time), I was THE ONLY 3-year old black girl in Oak Hill with a British accent -- you should've seen the looks I got.

3. I used to ski Mt. Fuji in Japan with my elementary ski team when I lived there for 4 years. I was fearless on the slopes. We would eat sugar packets on the ski lifts.

4. I love performing in front of large crowds in any shape or form - dancing, singing, cheering, acting, public speaking, athletic name it, I'll try it. Absorbing energy from a crowd is a high like no other.

5. My sister and I weren't such good friends while we were in high school, but once we both graduated we've become the best of friends. No matter where we live, we talk at least once a day. I love that.

6. I have a Stewart's body and a Richardson's face. I think I got the better end of that deal for the most part. (Sorry Traci!)

7. My arms and legs are disproportionately long for my torso. So much so that it is difficult to fit anything that has to fit both parts in one piece, like dresses, wetsuits and bicycles -- or swing bars in gymnastics. Sitting down I am shorter than someone who is 5'3 when they are sitting too. Seriously.

8. I once chewed off my toenail just offstage between dance numbers because it was killing me in my toe shoes -- and the show MUST go on.

9. I rollerskated down Hwy 71 to get to dance class once and had to jump off into the grass every now and then when a car got too close.

10. Willie Nelson jump started my truck one morning when I was out at Lake Travis.

11. I used to be a pretty good kickboxer. My reach is deceptive. (See #7)

12. I'm really proud of my sister for donating a kidney to my mother. But there was nothing scarier than sitting in the pre-op room between my mother and sister as they lay on surgery beds with all sorts of tubes, IVs, and monitors hooked up to them getting ready to be put under at the same time.

13. I applied, got in and flew out to Stanford by myself having never visited the campus..or California for that matter. It just seemed like it would be a fun adventure. And it was!

14. I was riding my scooter on campus when Loma Prieta hit...the quake in California the collapsed major highways and bridges. It was really scary. I was fortunate to be out in the open.

15. When I was 15, I pulled a friend out of a car when we were in a wreck. She was at least 6 inches taller than me. I was afraid the car was going to explode as there was smoke and the smell of burning things and the engine was still on. I had scrambled out the broken window since the car door was crushed closed, but when I looked back, she was just sitting there in shock. I remember running back, climbing half way into the car again and pulling her out. I have a great scar on my leg where a rod from under the seat when into my knee.

16. I graduated high school at age 17. I skipped the first grade. I attribute that to being in Montessori school for two years before going into first grade. I remember my first day of second grade. I was so small (see #7) that I could barely see over my desk. I sat on text books that year.

17. I've been pregnant 8 times. I have 2 kids. Miscarriages really, really, really, really suck.

18. I still can't believe I'm a mother. I love my boys so much it hurts sometimes. I can't even watch movies about kids being kidnapped, abused or hurt anymore. I pray everyday that I do right by them. THAT above all else will be my greatest accomplishment. EVER.

19. I'm claustrophobic. I think I first realized this when my sister used to wrap the covers over me and hold them tight. It freaked me out tremendously.

20. I like being in charge and in control. But it is nice to be taken care of every now and then too.

21. I struggle everyday with my decision not to continue pursuing my career full time. I use to imagine myself as the COO of IBM wearing a navy blue suit with a skirt that hits just below my knees and my hair pulled into a severe bun. Now that seems very far away and I struggle not to value myself by the size of my paycheck.

22. As a hobby, I was a professional cheerleader in the NBA for 6 years. 3 years with the Golden State Warriors and 3 years with the Minnesota Timberwolves. (You'd think I'd qualify for pension or something)I have NOT ruled out auditioning to be a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader yet. The audition process begins in April. Yes, I know this.

23. I literally fell on the floor of my dorm room when I received the call from Stanford's Graduate School of Business' Admissions Officer Marie Mookini telling me I had been accepted. I never thought I'd get in.

24. I never thought I'd run a marathon. But I did and now I'm going to Boston. I never thought I'd do an Ironman. But I will. In June.

25. Money does NOT buy happiness. True Love -- in its many forms -- does. Know this.

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holly said...

#'s 17, 18, and 21 make want to give you a very knowing hug.

I know we haven't ever talked much, but when things get tough in my world I think of you and your boys. Thank you for that.