Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I can't wait..

I am SO excited for IM CdA training to kick off, it isn't even funny.

I can't wait to start logging some serious hours of running, biking and swimming.

(and maybe throw some core in there I suppose...)

Yesterday I had a nice two-a-day workout (swimming and running) and it just plain felt good. The swim was awesome. We knocked out 3350 yards and I still felt like going after we were done. (Ok, maybe I didn't go hard enough then, but whatever...I stayed on the intervals Coach Suzanne set for our lane, so there. hmpf.)

Then went running with the boyz in the neighborhood. And that means pushing Devonator in the stroller. (Did I mention he's topping 40 pounds now?) It wasn't a terribly long run (Week 1 Lydiard calls for 3 miles, but I did 4) and still managed to keep a pretty good clip pushing the stroller. And it felt good too! (well, except for the wheezing part...was there some crazy allergens in the air yesterday? mold? pollen? I swear I needed an inhaler...)

And I was very proud of the Shay-monster riding on his bike. He knocked out the 4 miles with no problem, nary a complaint or anything. He starts swimming again next Monday. Now how can I sneak some track workouts in on him...hmmmm. (Can you see where I'm going with this? hee hee...)

This Sunday is our T3 IM CdA kick off meeting and we get our schedules! YAY!!!! I've got my new long sleeve wetsuit also, so I'm ready to start my cold water training as well. (I will need some help here, so anyone who is interested in helping me get my butt into Barton Springs and the low water crossing on a regular basis PLEASE let me know!!! seriously.)

So, bring it on! Let's do this thing! WOO HOO!!

It's gonna be fu-un!! Who's with me?????!!!!!!!!


Mark said...

"so anyone who is interested in helping me get my butt into Barton Springs"
I'm still swimming there at 6:30am every Tuesday morning, you are welcome to join us ... (air-temp was brisk this morning, but did I mention that that just makes the water feel warmer?:)

Dionn said...

I would except that will be my medium-long run morning with the Boston group. :(

erin said...

i'm (reluctantly) in (when you drag me along).

okay, fine. i'm in. yippee. cheerleader jump. woot!

(was that good enough? :))


I'm so ready! I can't wait!!!!!!

Priscilla said...

OMG, I need some of your enthusiam!! I hope it's contagious, I'm still in the "What the heck did I sign up for again??" mode...