Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Simply Amazing

Wow. What a night last night! YAY OBAMA!

But even more exciting to me than his victory was the comment made by Shay this morning. Recently in his class, each student selected a President to study and then do a report to the class. Shay chose Abraham Lincoln. I think mostly because he remembered studying him last year in first grade.

Here's what Shay said to me this morning after I told him Obama won and was the first black president, the history of our country:

"Wow. Abraham Lincoln freed the black people in 1863. And now a black man gets to lead the country, just like Abraham Lincoln."
(And then I couldn't help but think, Let's just hope he doesn't depart the office the same way Lincoln did. Can you say beef up security, please?)

Wow, indeed.

Here's a pic of our President-Elect that I snapped this past winter when E and I randomly ran into him on the trail. (Here's a recap of how that went down) It was weird...even then, I knew I was in the presence of something remarkable.


erin said...

this makes me think... you and I have not gotten in to much trouble lately. things were different before the training hit us.

anyway, that was seriously one of the coolest moments ever.

Jane said...

you have a smart little man there, Dionn. thanks for sharing.


That is such a cool pic! Our President on our Trail!!