Sunday, November 16, 2008

R.I.P. Chewy

No matter how big or how small, pets touch our lives in many ways.
Chewy was a good friend and a good hamster. We will miss building mazes for him, sneaking him extra sunflower seeds (even though he was quite the pudgy hamster already), oiling his wheel so it doesn't squeek ALL NIGHT and catching him in the his hamster ball before he takes a tour of the steps(!).
Shay requested a proper burial and services and how could I not oblige. We even invited a few friends over.

Here's Shay working on the burial site:

Shay laid hands on Chewy's grave and said some final words:

With a recent photo and a popsicle stick cross, Chewy is laid to rest. Good bye Chewy. We will miss you.

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Shorey said...

Shay was a good hamster dad.