Wednesday, October 8, 2008


After some investigation off a hot tip from a friend, it looks like I qualified for the Halfmax National Championships in my age group for the Half Iron for 2009!!!


While last year I got in under the Option 1 rule (top 33% in a qualifying race...which was last year's Longhorn...I was 8th in my AG..but it was a much smaller and local field), I wouldn't have made the Option 2 rule which was by time, 5:45.

So when I was getting set to do THIS year's Longhorn, my A goal was to come in around 5:3x but my B goal was to get it in undfer 5:45, just so I could feel good about qualifying not because of who showed up that day, but on the basis of my own personal performance.

However, since Ironman 70.3 took over the Longhorn race, I didn't think it was going to be a qualifying race NOR would results be eligible for USAT Nationals qualifications. (I thought it was ONLY at qualifying races..). But lo and behold, you can qualify at a qualifying race OR at any USAT sanctioned half iron distance. I did not know this until yesterday. AND I didn't know that USAT Nationals changed their qualifying time for my age group down to 5:40!!

FORTUNATELY, I met my A goal and came in at 5:38, which qualifies me on my time. AND I was 21st out of 91 in my age group, so that would put me in the top 33% anyway.

Option 1: CHECK
Option 2: CHECK


2009 Halfmax National Championships in (wait for it......) Oklahoma City? Oh well.



Erin said...

You are a qualifying queen...didn't you qualify for Boston earlier this year?! Nice work!

Shorey said...

I may be doing Redman there next year. Boring yes, but easy for family get to. And it's F.L.A.T.


Awesome! Guess that means I also made it! Let's rock it together in the OKC!

Priscilla said...

Wow, that's amazing!! Congratulations!!