Sunday, September 14, 2008

Yes, I'm a dork. I know. Carry On.

Yesterday for our long ride and given the unpredicatability of Ike (which as we know turned to be nothing for us to worry about here in Austin), the T3 long ride was schedule to be held indoors at the compound.

While some shudder at the thought of riding 4+ hours on a trainer inside...I actually don't mind it. (I've done a 5.5 hour stint by myself before! Whatever it takes,

You get to chat with your friends, regardless of how much faster or slower they are than you. You are never more than maybe 1 minute from a restroom. You can bring as much nutrition as you could possible want and simply hop off your bike for a quick sec to refuel. You can watch movies, talk on the phone, email, chat...hell, blog if you really felt like it.

So, really I didn't mind one bit.

It was actually quite fun! We watched Wedding Crashers first. (I'd forgotten how funny that movie is!) and THEN, they popped in the DVD from the 2006 Kona Ironman. How perfect! And as dorky as I am, I was totally fired up! Make cadence and effort picked up as I watched all the stories was cool to see the folks I've met and trained with for a week in San Diego and to watch Desiree's story and success unfold. Team Hoyt coverage always makes me cry. I seriously can't even tell non-triathletes the story without a few tears escaping. I mean, seriously, how can you not? And to see the late night finishers crossing the line in the dark. It is just a testament to the drive and perserverance of everyday mortals. I LOVE IT!

It was also really cool to look over and see Mo working hard on his trainer like everyone else. (And he literally created a pool of sweat under his bike...not a puddle...a POOL!) I'm excited to just be participating in the Halfmax race in Vegas with Chrissy and Mo. It is somehow oddly motivating to be competiting and doing something your coaches are doing too.

I also like seeing Jess, Jeremiah, Michelle, Maggie and others who are in the throes of IMAZ training, working their tushies off and thinking: "Hey -- that's going to be me in a few months. Throwing down the ironman distance training" I can't wait.

I think I've got my long ride nutrition under control, because I felt really good after the 3.5 hours and even agreed to brick run afterwards. (I didn't know we had one...guess I'd better start paying closer attention to the schedule.) It was just a 30 minute run, but I felt GREAT! No dead legs after just hoping off the bike or anything. (Granted the first .5 mile is downhill so I'm sure that helped.)

All in all, it was a great morning/afternoon of riding, running, talking, eating, hydrating and motivating.

Thanks T3. Thanks Austin.


IP Maggie said...

I got to ride with your for 4 hours! Yay! how often can I say that?

Loved the Kona dvd. I got pumped up too.

Shorey said...

You can vote for Team Hoyt as the toughest athletes here:

Erin said...

Vince Vaughan, IM Kona, Team Hoyt...sounds like an inspring 4 hours! I'm sorry that I missed it!