Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Turn Here!

I had a great time volunteering at the Austin Tri a couple weekends ago. In addition to pulling folks from the water at swim exit, I got to be the traffic director at the final turn into the finishing chute.

I really like this spot as it is great to see how excited everyone is to be finishing. But my favorite part is inciting sprint-offs to the finish by yelling at people things like:

"Hurry, hurry! He's/She's RIGHT BEHIND YOU!" (especially when there's no one really there..that one's always fun and the other spectators always get a good giggle out of it.)

--or when two people are coming in kind of close:

To the first person: "Go, GO - you're winning! Don't let her/him catch you!"

And to the second: "Go NOW. You can catch her. Run! RUN!"

-- or when I see someone I know, giving a little tough love:

"This is a race! Quit lollygaggin! Move your ASS! NOW!!!"
Good times....and an excellent arm workout to boot! :)
Thanks, Austin!

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