Saturday, September 6, 2008

Rockin' the PracticeMan

Today, I had a good day.

T3 put on a "practice tri" for the Longhorn Half Iron Tri coming up next month. We swam in Decker, road the course and put in a little run at the end.

And, man, I felt GOOD!

The swim was 3 loops of a 500 meter out and back course. It was just a practice swim, so everyone started out pretty casually it appeared. I wanted to focus on swimming with good technique since we weren't in a hurry or anything. I thought about pressing my chest, having the water go over the top of my cap and shadowing my hands so I don't cheat my stroke. I did feel some added pressure becuase Mo was out in a kayak in the middle and I felt like he was watching my technique, prepared to offer some "gentle" reminders about my stroke. It was good though as it helped me focus on swimming with good form.

The 1500 came and went in 24 minutes. I'll take it!

The leisurely transition was followed by a hilly 56 mile jaunt through the country (Avg 17.5 I think). It was a GREAT ride with Tom and Erin and even included a familiar fall-down-when-stopped-by-failing-to-clip-out by me! YAY! (I get at least one of these every year. DOH!)

I followed my nutrition plan from Longhorn last year and it served me well. After the bike, I still felt awesome!! In fact, I was looking forward to the run! GASP! (I know!) The legs felt good and I felt mentally that I was prepared to slog out the 13 miles on race day. (Which for me is more than half the battle!)

I had a nice run with Erin.....even though she didn't think it was nice at the time. In fact, she swore me up, down and sideways as I convinced her to tackle the big hill and keep running whenever she really, really, REALLY wanted to stop. We may have only done 2.5 miles but they were BIG mental miles and as always, Erin stood up to the test! :) Way to go E!

The team BBQ afterwards was tons of fun as everyone "recovered" with food and grog.

Good times!!


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i don't really hate you. you know that, right? ;)

you are freaking ROCKIN' it girlfriend. i'm so excited for you.