Friday, September 12, 2008

M.O.M Degree

M.O.M -- stands for Masters in Operations Management

Due to hurricane Ike, instead of going to Houston this weekend, my sister's family came here! YAY!!

The only issue is they came yesterday (their dad drove them) and my sister (who is on a business trip in Pittsburgh) couldn't get a flight from Pittsburgh to Austin until Saturday night!

SO...I've got my niece and nephew today (who don't have school), Shay (who has school -- OH, only until 12:45...because they are letting all the schools out early to avoid crazy traffic issues and free up the buses for evacuee transportation) and the Devonator (who has gymnastics this morning -- OH and I'm in charge of carpool to and from gymnastics today.)

So far this morning has gone like this:

1:30 am - console Devon from bad dream and give sippy cup of milk and cuddle back to sleep

3:30 am - Dogs decided they HAVE to go outside to potty.

3:45 am - Dogs decide they are done being outside and want back in.

4:30 am - Devon arrives at my bedside stating "I had a bad dream, can I get in your bed?"

4:31 am - Haul 40 pounds, plus blankie and binkie into bed

5:30 am - wonder why I have only about 6 inches of a king size bed to sleep on, but smile when a pudgy little hand reaches over and touches my face

6:00 am - hear loud rucus from upstairs where Shay and his cousin are horsing around

6:30 am - Get up to get Shay ready for school, realize Devon's gymnastics uniform somehow did not make it through the wash cycle -- so start a load of laundry
6:45-7:20 am - Get Shay fed breakfast, nag him to get dressed, put his name on homework, brush teeth, wash face, put homework in backpack, take vitamin, hop on bike and get him started on sidewalk to school, I will catch up after I check on remaining 3 kids.
7:22 - I follow on my bike carrying backpack which Shay forgot
7:35 - arrive at school with Shay, lock up bike, check with principal regarding lunch time and early dismissal
7:50 - return home, change laundry, clean up kitchen following 3 kids having breakfast
8:00 - Roust Devon from my bed because we have 25 minutes to eat and get ready to leave for gymnastics
8:01 - Realize that last cup of milk for Devon wasn't a good idea, because now he has wet MY bed. Take off sheets. Change laundry and hope his uniform will be dry in 24 minutes
8:05 - Confirm with Lila's mom that I will be driving carpool to gymnastics today.
8:25 - Dress Devon in semi-dry uniform, load 4 carseats and 3 kids into Condo on wheels, depart for Lila's house
8:33 - Load up Lila, depart for Gymnastics
9:00-9:45 - Entertain niece and nephew for 45 minutes at gymnastics club while Devon and Lila have class
10:15 - return home, change laundry, shower, check email, voicemail, blog.

and the rest of the day should be like this:
11:15 - depart with 3 kids for target to buy two more numchuks for the Wii so all four kids can play Lego Starwars
11:45 - drive through McDonald's and get 4 Happy Meals
12:05 - Arrive at Shay's school so his little brother and two cousins can have lunch with Shay!
12:35 - Leave with all 4 kids

1-5:00: Romper Room at my house
5:00- prepare for football practice, get Shay dressed in underarmour, football pants and pads, fill water bottles, pack snacks, camp chairs, towel and anything else I think we might need for a two hour football practice
5:30-7:30 - Football practice and entertaining 3 kids while Shay practices
8:00 - Feed kids, give baths, put in a movie pray for bedtime to come soon.

It's a good thing today is my off day from working out.

I think I need an adult beverage.


Lulu said...

You forgot:

8:01PM - Pour a very stiff Capt & Coke

Katie said...

I think you should poor the Capt & Coke before 8:01pm.

Personally, I need an adult bevie now after reading this

IP Maggie said...

you are super mom of the year!