Monday, August 25, 2008


I'm back!!! I know you missed me. Just admit it.

I missed you too...especially my lurkers. ;)
Here's a brief synopsis of where and what I've been up to in the past two weeks:
That's right..time for the annual pilgrammage to Puerta Vallarta with 14 kids. Yes. 14 kids.
Began quite auspiciously with a flight cancellation from AUS to DFW...and some reason American Airlines had NO other flights from Austin to Dallas that day. Really. No flights. From Austin to Dallas/Ft. Worth. ALL DAY. Seriously. You have to be kidding right?
So instead of going ABW (that's Angry Black Woman) on AA, I simply got us booked on the only other carrier that would get us to Dallas in time for the connection to Puerto Vallarta. Great, right? Unfortunately, that carrier was Southwest. Yep. The one that flies into Dallas Love...not DFW. Nice.
Next problem...ok. Always an adventure. So, called in some favors and booked ground transportation from Dallas Love to DFW. Here's how we rolled. The boys loved it! :)
The rest of the travel was thankfully uneventful (save the case of the runs that poor Devon had all day!)

I'll save the vacation photo montage for the few folks who really care, but here's a quick view from the beach and one from the house.

It was a week filled with fun, food, friends, frothy drinks, fine service, surf, turf, tortillas, quacamole, shrimp, celebrity bowl (ask me about this one!) and just a damn good time.
Then last week was the LAST WEEK OF SUMMER VACATION!! So, it was me and the boys hanging out in the last of the summer laziness. We had fun sleeping in, lounging in pajamas, playing the Wii, eating at McDonald's and indulging in general non-school year craziness.
And now, my big SECOND grader is back at school and the Devonator has graduated to Jr. Pre-K 2. (Did you get all that? what happened to plain ol' preschool?)
Whew. Now you are caught up. What do you think?


MikeW said...

I think that frankly, your photo choices suck.
This are the exact same 3 pictures emailed already.
Again, stop showing pictures of my house in Jamaica.

Is it possible to post something else?!

Shorey said...

Glad you're back! I'm interested in seeing the rest of the photos, as well.

Driver said...

Why does that not surprise me you had issues with AA?!?! They screwed me on my vacation two weeks ago as well.

Glad you had some relaxing fun with the kiddos!!