Friday, August 29, 2008

Spirit Day

Here's Shay on his way to school in his jersey for spirit day. (Note the new buzz cut? All the football boys are sporting them!)

When he was parking his bike, two older kids pulled up next to him to park their bikes. Shay looked over and they were wearing their Eagles jerseys (I think they are the 8-10 year olds).

I could've sworn Shay bowed (that's bow up, like bow and arrow -- you know puff his chest out...) up a little and a smile stole across his face as he saw the big boys look him over in his Falcons jersey.

And there was definitely a swagger in his gait as he went into the school a couple paces behind the bigger kids.

I had to choke back a little tear. It was a proud mommy moment. I'm a dork. I know. Carry on.

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