Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Murderer's Row

Yesterday's spin class was really fun!

First of all it was Maggie's FIRST spin class with T3! I hope she liked it. (Drink the blue koolaid! Drink it! DRINK IT!)

Secondly, even after a one hour pre-spin class spin, the legs were feeling good. (And I ran 7 earlier in the day!) I think I got nutrition right this day.

And thirdly, I was being a total dork as I looked around and felt like I was in the midst of murderer's row. Because it looked like this:

Two bikes to the left, Ironwoman Maggilicious. Immediately to my left, Hammerin' E Whalen - podium placer. To my right, Jazzy Jess -- looking ironfit in prep for IMAZ.

We were all in the second row, but as I looked up into the first row I see straight ahead, Mr. Miah -- going so fast there is literally a puddle of sweat under his ride. To his left, Blazin' Blakistone..and one more over was Not gonna catch him Noah. Seriously the wattage being thrown down was enough to keep the Big Ass Fan going all night.

I love the sound when Coach Pain makes us kick it up to 110+ RPM. All you see is a blur of legs spinning fast and hard, sweat dripping everywhere and the sound in the room goes ....wwwwwwrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!

In my head we weren't even in the training center anymore, but out on a road somewhere in a race, pushing the pace, smoking the competition and just generally kicking ass. It was cool just to think about being out there with the team, pushing and pulling each other along to do our best.

I can't wait for IMCDA training. It's gonna be fu-un!

Yes. I'm a dork. I know. Carry on.


IP Maggie said...

yay!!! that was to hang out with my girls...not so fun when Chrissy is killing me.
It felt great to be pushed like that.
It was pretty cool when we are all going 110! and yea, Miah had a pond going on under his bike.

erin said...

Embrace the Dorkage!!!!

I'm glad to see you reinspired, D! Last night was a blast, thanks - as always - for making me go!


Ya know--I didn't feel bad about missing spin--UNTIL NOW!!! I want a Dionn nickname, pretty please :-)

Jane said...

Yes you are a dork - a Tri dork! We are ALL crazy for liking this!