Thursday, August 28, 2008

Falcon Fever!!

As I sit here reveling in the end of the football drought and watching my beloved Cardinal play against Oregon State (GO STANFORD!), I'm also excited as this weekend officially kicks off the LCP Tiny Mites tackle football team, the FALCON's season too!.

WE ARE SO EXCITED! In fact, Shay and his first and second grade teammates are all wearing their game jerseys to school for Spirit Day. (I am THIS close to wearing an old cheerleader outfit around the home office tomorrow...check back tomorrow for a possible picture and post.)

Here's a couple of quick picks from last weekend's scrimmages.

Here's Shay and his good buddy Cameron:

(btw, the boys got to pick their numbers from an available list...Shay picked 15..his daddy's number....I'm not sure who is more excited...)

..and he may have his daddy's number...but that body proportion is all mommy....poor kid...all arms and legs...seriously, look where his waist is....I'm sorry Shay..

Here's Shay...playing quarterback (he also plays linebacker...he's a kid who likes to hit..)...and look at the surge by the O-line led off by center, Wisniewski -- is that a lineman's name or what?

the play? quarterback sneak up the middle. Took two kids to take him down after a nice gain.

This is gonna be a fun season!! GO FALCONS!

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Shorey said...

I LOVE that picture of Scott & Shay!!!