Monday, August 25, 2008

Cougar Speed Runs Deep (aka Sweet & Twisted Race Report)

What a fun race! Congrats to Leilani and Red Licorice Events for putting on such a great event! Definitely some of the best swag at a race I've gotten in a while. Very nice. And of course a big THANK YOU to all the hunky T3 volunteers...and Maggie! :)

And let me just say this....Cougars are a bunch of fast ladies!! The 35-39 age group is who I'm talking about here. Holy Smokes!

Check out these stats from this weekend's race:

10 out of top 20 -- Age group 35-39

My overall place:21
Age group place: 9

(or something like that...the stats are weird because the overall listing has some cheaters...I mean ladies who only did one lap on the bike instead of two..)

But age group is deep with wicked fast ladies. Granted, I did not have a stellar run for many reasons that I could post here, but in the end they are all just lame excuses for not getting the job done, so why bother.

Even if I HAD had a good run, I wouldn't have placed anyway!! Seriously. These chicks are hella fast.


On a positive side, I had a really great swim. The swim start was in the back of this little cove, so the start line wasn't very wide. Regardless, I snuggled into my standard spot, front row - outside edge and watched the previous wave go out. Then I noticed that the girls on my edge were quickly running into the rocks because of how low the water levels were. So the best place to swim was in the channel in the dead center. Shit. What am I going to do now?

Nothing I could do....except sprint like hell when the horn went off and get in front of everyone and swim up the middle. So that's what I did. The horn blew. I pushed off from the bottom and went BANG! Swam as hard as I could angling for the center.

I could see Celine to my left swimming hard also and I knew she was in the center of the start line, so I used her to sight so I wouldn't waste anything looking up. And before I knew it, I had the angle that I wanted, pulled in front of everyone, sighted, straightened out my line for the farthest buoy and led the pack out of the cove. Once I had the lead, I really wanted to stay there so I just kept after it, thinking a lot of the gals will peter out after the first 100 of going hard. I settled in around 250 I think. Rounded the corner and picked it up so I could swim strong to the end.

I came out of the water 1st in my age group, so that was really fun! It still cracks me up when the T3 swim exit volunteers (I think it was Tom yesterday) always seem so surprised when I pop out of the water amidst the wave in front of me. They are always like, "Dionn??" Which I always read with a giggle as: what the hell are you doing here already? Didn't someone tell you black folks don't swim? ;)

My bike was pretty good I felt. There were some good rollers out there, so you had to do a lot of work. But I think I fare well on rollers with my power to pound ratio. (At least that's the mantra going through my head!)

And I had a WICKED fast T2...only 43 seconds! And our rack was the farthest corner from the bike in, so I had to go a long way in my bike shoes and pushing my bike. I think having Coach Mo and Noah standing (literally) two feet away on the other side of the transition fence really made me get a move on. I could've sworn I heard Mo say to Noah, "Let's see how she does transition." Again, this could've been completely in my head. Regardless, it got my ass moving!

And that would be the last time I was moving quickly for the duration of the race. My run sucked. Plain and simple. I am now committed to working specifically on my run over the next several weeks. It will be back. Mark my words. Even Joey who was annoucing the race finishers said..and I quote.."Wow. I've never seen Dionn move that slowly before." I kid you not. But alas, it was true.
The T3 Ladies were out in FULL FORCE. We represented on every podium (save the 50+ age groups I think) beginning with overall woman, our beloved Coach Pain (aka Chrissie Novak) and sweeping the podium in the 30-34 AG! We also took home the biggest team prize. GO T3 BLUE! Here we are!

And most importantly!, my darling friend, Erin took home some sweet ass swag and an amazing TROPHY for placing 3rd in her Age group! WAY TO GO E!!!! WOOT!!
Mimosas, Tacodeli and ice cream afterwards were a nice way to round out the event. Good times. Thanks T3.


erin said...

Ahhh shucks. ;) Thanks D! I'm scared of your return runnning!

IP Maggie said...

you are one heck of a swimmer! and a 43 second T2??? wow! you made that trek down that rocky hill, all the way to the farthest point in transition that fast??
I would kill for your "sucky" run.
great job! you looked awesome out there!

Lulu said...

Not a bad way to come back from vacation if you ask me :)