Sunday, August 31, 2008

Cardinal, Falcons and Longhorns - OH MY!

What a great kickoff to the football season!! WOW!!

It started out with a bang as the Stanford Cardinal and 2nd year head coach Jim Harbaugh showed divisional opponent Oregon State, that we came to play this year with an impressive win at the recently renovated Stanford Stadium. YAY! GO CARD!

Last night, the Horns kicked off their season with a nice warm up romp over Florida Atlantic. (No surprise there.)

But the highlight of my weekend, was the first official game of the LCP Falcons!!!

The football spirit in Texas starts young..and I LOVE IT! The atmosphere at the Pop Warner games is just as fun as the big boys. Complete with parents in spirit shirts and even a banner for the kids to run through!!

While the Tiny Mites don't officially keep score (I know, I know...that's a topic for a whole nother post), let's just say the Falcons reached the end zone 3 times, while the Eagles reached it once.

And one of those times included, YOU GUESSED IT!, an 80-Yard Scamper TO THE HOUSE by none other than my very own, Shay Schaffner!!!!! WOOO HOOOO!!!!

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Lulu said...

Yay football!!!!!!