Thursday, August 7, 2008

Are you ready for some football?

Mighty Mite Pop Warner...that is..WELCOME to the FALCONS!!
Yep! It's Shay's FIRST tackle football season and boy is he pumped!!
I loved this pic..all the elements of the season: helmets, water jugs...and a miller lite cooler for the parents! ;)
Here he is taking the snap from center....yes, so far he is slotted in the QB spot. Can you say Apple not falling far from tree? Oh, and how about Head Coach Scott "Legs" Hanna peering in from the backfield. T3 meets the Falcons!
Of course, Devon loved hanging out with the big boys on their water breaks. Here he is with big brother Shay (on your left) and Pierce.
While the big boys did their stuff, Devon played on the playground, running all over the place until....see the concrete edging surrounding the playscape?
Devon tested its strength...with his forehead. :( MY POOR BABY!
I'm happy to report that after is just a little bump now. No stitches were required (this time.)

Tomorrow is the first practice in pads, so we'll see if Shay is still as excited about playing tackle as he is right now. I'll be close by with a cooler full of ice packs and retired nurse GG (grandma) on speed dial...just in case. And so the Riverplace dynasty begins...


Erin said...

Looks like Devon's got a future in tackle football too - showing that curb what's what! I hope his bump heals up quickly!

Shorey said...

Very cool, Dionn!!

Lulu said...

Future Longhorns I hope!!