Friday, July 25, 2008

Why I Train - Wordled

How fun is this!! There's this cool new widget at that takes a set of text you can enter (or point it to your blog!) and it turns it into these cool word art thingies. (Yes..that's a technical term.) Thank you Kerry for the fun diversion!
I entered my blog post from Why do you train? and this was one of the ones I got. It is interesting to see the ones that pop: like, feel, love, want, train. Peppered in amongst the negatives such as: hmpf, nemesis, hard, problems, suffering, regret --- I see their polar opposites: strength, fortitude, family, endorphins, kids, precious, heart.
And some of the ones that I strive for: qualifying, Boston, ironman, triathlon team.
What does your wordle say?

1 comment:

Tri to Be Funny said...

Mine would say, "WINE, NEED SLEEP and DAMN THAT WAS HARD!" :-)