Monday, July 28, 2008

Solo Monday

The schedule called for a 60-mile ride Saturday morning. The schedule ALSO called for a team HH Friday evening....

Well, there are some folks who know when to say when, and then there are others, who...well...don't.

Needless to say, I did not make the ride early Saturday morning.....sigh...

Yes....I did get an appropriate amount of chastising about my absence. And it was duly noted that closing down bars and then opening practice the next morning would be showing is not.

I think I lost my HFC card. Dang.

As punishment, I rode today...for three the the hills....alone. Here's how it looked from Garmin:

It was only 50 (vs 60) but Coach Pain said it was ok given the route. (so there. hmpf.) The route was north on 620 from 2222, down Anderson Mill (looked for my favorite speed trap), flip a U, head south on 620, sneak across the new Bee Caves Parkway (so you don't have to go on 71!) to Bee Caves, East on Bee Caves to the Shell station, flip a U and back up 620 to 2222.

This route has tons of hills and I kinda like having the big hill from Steiner Ranch up to 2222 as it feels like a good approximation of Quadzilla from Danskin/Couples/Longhorn in both pitch and where it comes during the the end. Fun stuff I tell ya.

Legs felt good at the end even. I wasn't tired and I stuck to my hydration and nutrition plan which (knock on wood) seems to work...that is whenever I actually do it. (Focus, focus D!!)

All in all, a nice outing. Yay Monday! :)


Shorey said...

I took the day off yesterday, so I could've joined you. Although, not sure I would have WANTED to based on that route ;-)

I opted for an 8+ mile run, where I was doing a hydration test per Meredith. And I lost FIVE POUNDS.

Tri to Be Funny said...

Um yeah...I'd say that you sufficiently punished yourself!!