Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pass the Baton, Please

What a fun track practice yesterday!!

First of all, it was fun because my foot has been feeling better, so I can actually run again. YAY for running! (Altough it is a little bit sore today..but I'm hoping some ice and some rolling will get it squared away.)

Secondly, the fun format! There were quite a few folks, so I was really digging the team atmosphere. After the warmup, the first set was to partner up with someone who was about your pace. This seemed a little daunting at first, being new to the group and not really having run much at all.....but I think people had a good feel for others paces from previous experiences and watching strideouts maybe.

I was thinking I'd pair up with Liz, but she had already paired up with someone else. Then a nice young lady came over and said that she thought we would be a good pair, so I said sure!

Then I asked her what her name was. She replied, Celine. OF COURSE. I knew we'd make a great team: Celine Dionn. It was fate.

So the format was the first was to run one lap, then on the next lap, the second person joined in for the lap. The next lap, the first person dropped off for a lap, while the second person ran her second lap alone. The next lap, the first person a lap alone, then picked up the second person -- the two of them running together for a lap. First person drops off, second person runs a lap on their own. Get it? So each person does two laps ON, one lap OFF -- offset from each other so you end up running one with your partner and one by yourself. The idea being that your partner will help push you and keep pace. Fun group was to do two sets (a set being two laps on, one lap off) and the Fast group 3.

It seemed like a good idea....until I checked our pace (on my handy dandy Garmin 405) on our first lap together and we were running 6:30s. 6:30S?!?!?!?!?!? OMG. I don't think I've EVER run any pace for any distance that began with a 6!!! This is going to be a long workout. But we kept pushing each other and hanging in there and managed to do all three sets holding that pace. YAY!!

The next round was a similar sort of thing, except in groups of 3. We picked up a nice looking young man to join in our melee. It began by setting person 2 a half a lap away, so with just person 1 and 3 at the start. It was basically a relay. Person 1 runs FLAT OUT to person 2 who runs FLAT OUT to person 3 who runs FLAT OUT to Person 1....etc., etc. You get the idea...basically half a lap sprint followed by a rest while your teammates complete their two halves. Fun group -- each individual completes 2 whole laps. Fast group -- 3.

And we're off! Let me tell you, Celine has got some SERIOUS WHEELS people!! I did my best interpretation of an adolescent giraffe and just let it fly. We managed to keep a :30 pace, which meant a 1:00 recovery...and towards the end, I kept wishing Celine would slow down..but she never did. Wow!

And a great time was had by all!! My calves were talking to me saying something like "What the hell's with all the sprinting??" But after some stretching and recovery, they seemed to back down from their threat of seizing up into a giant cramp...and I was thankful.



Shorey said...

Sounds like a lot of fun!!

Driver said...

Sounds like a fun workout!! Did you struggle with that description, pretty confusing to actually write it out HAHA...I hope your coming to the Pub Run tonight, I still owe you a cold one!!