Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Long Road Back...

The good news is that I'm running again! YAY!!!!

While it isn't completely pain free...it is tolerable. (Some say I should still stay off it, but I just can't stand it anymore)

The bad news is that I haven't been running in almost 6 weeks (save a race here and there) and holy cow, can I tell. Oye.

I was out today for an "easy" run of 4 little bitty miles and the whole time I was thinking: How the hell did I ever do a marathon? A Boston Qualifier??? Yea, right. Let's see if I can get sub-8 for one mile. ugh.

I feel like...well, like I haven't run in over a month.

Please tell me that the "get back" curve is shorter than the "getting there" curve was...


But then again, I saw a young gal out running with one of those super bionic knee braces on and a wicked looking scar that I could see from a ways away and thought about me complaining about a little foot injury.

And then I think about the memorial ride we did this weekend for the Rogue Coach Mike Argall who was killed while riding his bicycle a few weeks back and I am thankful that even though it may take awhile for me to get back...I'm fortunate enough to have the while to take.

I'll drink for whining.


Driver said...

What a great idea!! Red House on Manor tonight @ 7:30...you've got two iced cold beers waiting for you, on me:)

Mark said...

The "get back" curve is shorter than the "getting there" curve.

Be patient, easy does it. Don't shoot for sub-8 out of the blocks on your first run in 6 weeks! Duh! Don't jump back into the mileage you were doing prior to 6 weeks ago. Add volume and then intensity slowly so as not to aggravate the original injury or cause a different one.

Your fitness didn't go away, that's the beauty of multisports:) It just needs gentle reintroduction to running:)