Thursday, July 24, 2008

Back at the track...

After a grueling Tuesday night spin at the T3 Compound, and a brutual kick-set filled Courtyard swim on Wednesday day, it was off to the track for Wednesday night run workout.

Now you know I've only just gotten back into running. (The foot is feeling much better. THANK GOODNESS!!) So, I was definitely nervous about getting out there and doing some real work. But only one way to get back into it and that's just to start putting one foot in front of the other, right?

We warmed up a couple laps and did some drills to get the blood flowing...and all that felt pretty good. The last drill was to do some stride outs. The T3 folks do it Straights and Curves style. Stride out on the straights...recover on the curves...couple laps of that.

I felt like blowing out the pipes a little bit...they seemed rusty from all the non-running. So when I ended up lined up behind David Kahn (up and coming TOP amateur), I, let's see how close I can keep him...why not?

Sure, he's on a recovery week. Yes, he just got back from New York triathlon. And yes, he was taking it easy. BUT....for all the strideouts I was able to keep pace with him stride for stride!!!! I stayed back about 10 yards, so as not to crowd him or anything and just matched my stride and footfalls to his. It was really, really FUN!

Of course, I was totally huffing and puffing at the end of each 100 meters and he looked relaxed as all hell...BUT I was keeping up!

Now there's no way in hell I could've last for much longer at that pace...but it was fun while it lasted!

The workout was a ladder: 1600, 1200, 800, 400, 800. E and I were surprised that it didn't go all the way back up to the 1600...but since I've just started up again, I was more than pleased to get through to the last 800. My paces were respectable, I think as I just tried to dial into a comfortable pace:

1600: 7:21/M (was a little excited)
1200: 7:41/M
800: 7:38/M
400: 7:39/M
800: 7:38/M

I'm pleased with that.

This morning, dragged my ass to the 6:00am spin. (And you know what kind of morning person I am....ugh.) Cranked out 25 miles. We did some fun intervals today...even did a couple sets of 130RPM...that was crazy!! Can you say, spin???

Good times, though.

Tired legs. I hope we don't do a lot of kicking at today's swim. Maybe I should pray for rain instead...


Erin said...

you looked awesome on the track and you WERE keeping up with DK!

i'm thinking there is something to all of the eye candy out there... ;)

Shorey said...

you can still swim in the rain, you know...

Did you know that a survey of Hawaii Ironman athletes recorded average WEEKLY training loads of:

11,300 meters swimming
232 miles cycling
48 miles running

Holy cow!