Tuesday, June 10, 2008

We're not what?!?!?!

Today was Shay's trip to the library to procure his very own library card. I figured he was old enough now to properly respect the library, the materials and the privileges that go along with being a card carrying member. (wait..that doesn't sound good does it? but you know what I mean....)

He was very excited, as was I...I have very fond memories of going to the library when I was a kid, spending hours wandering the stacks, looking for a title to catch my eye and draw me into some wonderful story, hunkering down into some bean bags and ferociously devouring the book, word by word, page by page, chapter by chapter. I remember gravitating towards series because I never wanted to the stories to end.

I am so hopefully that Shay develops a love of reading like I did. He's currently reading above his grade level at school and I'd love to be able to have him continue that trend.

So, we hand in our forms to receive our official library cards and I'm summarily informed that according to our address, we do NOT live in the city of Austin and therefore are NOT eligible to receive a free library card.

We're not WHAT?!?!?!

You've got to be freakin' kidding me. Where the hell are all the taxes I'm paying going to then? UGH! I was *this* close to going ABW on this poor civil servant when she informed me that Shay's card would be free, but I would need to pay $70 for mine.

I said, thank you, we'll just take one card for Shay then. I didn't really need one anyway...I have since grown fond of Half Price Books anyway. I'll just do my part to keep the economy going...

ANYWAY, I had soon forgotten my anger when we entered the children's section and starting looking at the books. All the memories came flooding back as I spotted my old friends, Nancy (Drew) and Judy (Blume).

Shay gravitated towards the bugs and insects selection (boys...go figure), but soon we found ourselves in the section for series. And lo and behold another all time favorite of mine...... CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE!!! OMG! They still had these!!!

I pointed them out to Shay and we grabbed the first one in the series and dove in. I showed him how you got to make different choices and how the story would change everytime you read it and made a different choice. It's like having 30 books in one!! How exciting!!!

In the end, Shay checked out a book on Scorpions and the first Choose Your Own Adventure book. I made him promise NOT to start the adventure book until tomorrow when I can read with him. We hooked little fingers and pinky swore. I can't wait until tomorrow....YAY!!!!!!

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MikeW said...

I own about 30 Choose Your Own Adventure books!
i can't wait till Shay goes up to the register, and they ask him: "Little man, do you really want this Danielle Steele novel?" "Yes, it's for my mo- ugh I mean, yes, i love danny steel!"