Saturday, June 28, 2008

Voices in my Head

Everyone has them, right? The voices?

Sometimes it's me, sometimes it's other people.

During today's ride, it was's what I heard as I embarked on my 40-miler this morning.

Me: I really wish I was a better cyclist...I want to be faster..
Jaime: If you want to be faster, you have to go fast now.
Noah: I got faster by keeping up with a faster group for as long as I could..then when I was wiped out, just keep going as fast as I could.

Both of those ideas sounded like a good plan to me, so I went for it!! I took off with a group that was definitely out of my speed comfort zone and started peddaling....HARD. Turns out we were averaging close to 20mph. Oh, did I mention that we were going up 360. Hello Hills!!

During the ride as I was struggling to hang on...for as long as I could, I heard:
TIBaldMark: Get Aero! GET AERO!
(I hunkered down low into my bars)
Mo: Relax the hands, don't grip so tightly! Let the lower body do the work.
(that's what he said?!?!)
Panther: When you get tired, snuggle up to the faster folks...let them pull you until you are recovered. Then get back out in clean air and push!
(I pushed it so I could snuggle up to Betty...dude, she is fast.)

At mile 20, out loud:
Me (to E): I think I'm done!
E: (silence with intense look on her face)
At mile 20, in my head:
Me: Shit. We aren't done...look at the determination for speed on E's face. Ugh. Here we go.

I hung on to the fast kids through mile 32-ish, then was really toast as we struggled through headwind on the return down 360. How is it that you have to pedal on the downhills to not lose speed?? WTF?

By mile 35, the fast kids had put some good distance on me and E was pulling away as well.

Me: Next time....I make it to 40.

Final stats:

Distance: 39.21 miles
Avg Speed: 18.7 mph
Max Speed: 45.8 (!!! WOW !!!)
(not too shabby for me considering that's been my average speed in a sprint tri!!)

Here's a look from Garmin on today's route:


MikeW said...

*voice in your head*: Drink more Millers. Drink more Millers!

Good job!

Mark said...

Heehee, I'm a voice in your head! Sorry.

Nice ride, and then a run off the bike in my 'hood?, welcome to the hills of my 'hood :-) Sorry.