Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Spring Cleaning

I love what spring cleaning can do for your mind, body and soul. It just works on so many levels.

During this process, yesterday I uncovered a few gems that I thought I would share that cracked me up.

First is the Cheer list that was taped to the inside of my junior high megaphone from Porter Junior High. (Shorey - I'll buy you a beer if you can remember words and moves to at least one of the following....):

1. Arkansas
2. Panthers Conquer
3. Victory Tonight
4. Watch Out
5. Victory, Victory
6. Aw, Shucks!
7. Stomp, Clap
8. Goodluck
9. Panthers Victorious
10. Panthers Want A Victory
11. Action
12. Were With You Team So Fight
13. V-I
14. Big Red
15. Stomping Ground
16. Hello
17. 2-4-16
18. Hot to Go
19. Jump, Shout
20. Elevate Your Mind
21. Spirit (S, P)
22. Red Hot
23. Gusto
24. Are You Ready
25. We Are Bad

And on the back of the paper, it had the following lyrics which were sung to the Yellow Rose of Texas:

I love those Porter Panthers
They are the team for me
With great determination
They fight for victory
They pass, they kick, they tackle
They fight with all their might
I think they're something special
And I know they'll win tonight!

Ah....Good times.


Shorey said...

I think I can recall at least part of Hot to Go - ahhhwhoop, Hot to Go!

I am totally singing that Porter song right now! Hahaha!

MikeW said...

Big Red:


easy!! that's the nebraska cheer.
and you know owe me a beer!

Dionn said...

Actually, I think that one goes something like:
Go Big Red
Fight together
To Win Big Red


Beer denied.

Shorey said...

ohhh, ohhh I just remembered - H-O-T-T-O-G-O, the Porter Panthers are Hot to Go, Awwhhoop! Hot to Go, Awwhhoop, Hot to Go (repeat incessantly until the crowd's enthusiasm dwindles)

Missychel said...

that is way to funny.......ahh sweet memories!!!

Dionn said...

demonstrate the moves Shorey and the beer is YOURS! (they were pretty basic actually....)