Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Right Side of the Law

Phew. Thank goodness that is done.

6 hours of online defensive drive course while multitasking other systems work. Check.
Final Exam Score: 100%. Check.
Overnight delivery of Certificate. Check.
Pick up copy of driving record. Check.
Deliver driving record and certificate to court. Check. Check.!!!

In my excitement, I sent a note off to a couple of crazy friends about how excited I was to be a good citizen again, to which I received the following response:

...and as our hero finished writing this sentence, and shutting down her PC, she wandered into the kitchen to grab herself a glass of ice cold water. But as she walked by the dog sanctuary (couches / tv room) she saw the time of day on the cable box and shouted out loud.

"MOTHER F**KER! It's already 3:20?? F**K!! I HAVE TO BE AT T2 AT 3:30. F**K F**K F******CK!!!!"

So she threw on her cycling garb, ran down the hall, reversed by the mirror in the hallway, to do a glance over : "OH YEA, I MAKE THIS LOOK GOOD!", she then jumped into her car, reversed out of the driveway plowing over the neighbor's chihuahua, took a right out of the cove, and jumped the curb at the riverplace 2222 light, took a right, and floored it down the big hill. Little did she know, cop man was sitting at the bottom, waiting to tag an un-suspecting NASCAR wannabe. blue and rights flashing... "GOD DAMMIT!"

Our hero tried all her moves, pulled up her skort real far, fluffed up her hair, threw on some bright red and shiny FMH's (for good measure), and shoved two tube socks in her newly acquired T2 jersey. But alas, as fate would have it, our hero would quickly rejoin the ranks of the dirty record bearers.


Shorey said...

Welcome to my 2007. Just minutes after completing my online defensive driving course last year I, too, received another ticket. A 3rd one within 12 months & they take your license...that could mean many missed T3 workouts!

Dionn said...

ah no...that didn't actually happen...Wiley was just being funny...

Shorey said...

yes, I know, but it could happen so be CAREFUL!

MikeW said...

hey hey hey!!!
that wasn't me!! I didn't write that.

Maggie said...

you had me going! glad this wasn't a true story....that woulda sucked!!