Monday, June 16, 2008

Playing with the Big Dogs

I rolled into swim practice today. It's hot outside. Hell, it's even hot in the water today. Tropical. Just like I like it. Good day for a swim.

Maurice is there directing swimmers to lanes. He and Chrissy have an amazing ability to quickly put everyone in the right lanes so whatever each person's pace is, they are challenged but not defeated...well maybe sometimes someone needs to get their ass kicked. But you know what I mean..

So, I'm standing on deck waiting to be directed to the appropriate lane and Mo says, "Dionn -- over there" and points to lane 2. I don my gear and hop in for the warm up swim. I'm not the fastest nor the slowest in my lane, so I'm feeling pretty good. It isn't until we've finished warming up that I look at the paper on our lane that states the workout.

The top says, "T TWO". I'm usually in the T ONE group. I got bumped up today! WOOT! Followed quickly by: Oh Shit.

It was a tough workout. But, I didn't get passed and I passed one person in my lane! YAY! Of course, my shoulders and back are already killing me, but it is the good kind of pain. The one that says, yea -- I worked out today.

Swim total: 3400 yards


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Missychel said...

you kick serious ass lady!!!