Thursday, June 5, 2008

It's Official -- I'm Blue!

Not that this will turn into an annual thing, but this time last year I had a similar post. Regardless.....

I'm excited to announce that I am now officially training with T3 for my triathlon season! YAY!

Go T3-Blue!

While I most definitely will miss my beloved Roguers (but I will be back for Boston training!!), I felt it was time for a change. Mostly because I was really, really, REALLY missing the whole "team" aspect during triathlon season.

I know, I know...technically triathlon is an individual sport, but I absolutely LOVE being part of a team. (Uh, hence my cheerleading lifetime career -- even if I was no good playing, I could still be on the team somehow...)

The folks at T3 live and breathe Tri's..this is their what better way to take it to the next level than to saddle up with some hardcore tri-geeks???

They have a great facility (my favorite thing is the Big Ass Fan...literally this fan covers 75% of the ceiling of the training center...and the brand name of the fan is exactly that Big Ass Fan ) complete with space for the core/strength training class, a lounging area, showers, and another big space for the indoor cycling workout.

They've got a bunch of computrainers (did you know you can download specific race routes to these things and similulate the actual race course?) and heart rate monitors that they can hook up to the huge flat screen TV in the front of the room and do all sorts of cool stuff like monitor your workout, race against each other, etc. How fun!!

Another super cool thing they have is their team website, This thing is basically outlook, forums, workout logs, chat all rolled into one interface. Very, very swanky. (Made by Stellar Technologies) Definitely appealing to the geek in me.

The forums are awesome. Everybody discussing workouts and races. Lots and lots of support for the different groups attending different races. Big time love being spread all around. I LOVE IT!

And this group is definitely a social beast. Before the practice on Tuesday, people were milling around and chatting a ton. There were even some people who weren't there to workout, but stopped by to chat and stuff. awesome. There's a monthly HH called Phat Friday Happy Hour that I'm looking forward to attending to meet more of the folks.

While some may find social groups cliquish and may hesitate trying to break in....being a military brat and having to move every 3 to 4 years, you learn to just freakin' jump in with both feet, be yourself and somehow you usually end up gravitating to the right spot with an additional set of great friends.

Same applies here. I just rolled up to Tuesday night's practice and jumped in. Turns out I already know quite a few T3ers so it was nice to see some familiar faces from the get go. Maurice and Chrissy (who I'd met before when I tried out their swim classes) called me by name and welcomed me with open arms. Literally, I got a hug from Maurice.

I even jumped in on the forums and was instantly greeted by positive referrals from Vegas and Michelle. (Thanks y'all!!! Checks are in the mail....)

I'm super excited for the season, I think it is going to be tons of fun with these guys. They seem to have the right mix of ass kicking, tri knowledge knowing, good timing having and team supporting. (Ms. Hovland is shivering with my use of the English language right now...sorry Ms. H!)

For instance, for the Couples Tri, for everyone who wants to participate, they are going to do a random drawing a pair up folks, give handicaps and then have a competition within the T3 team! How fun is that!!!

Also, there is talk of having the T3 boys man the T3 volunteer tent at the Sweet and Twisted Tri to support all the gals. Hello!! (um, have you seen some of the T3 boys? Mo, Richard, Logan, Greg, Noah.....nice, um, scenery.)

So, here's to Triathlon Season '08 and racing under the new colors!!! HOORAY!

I guess I have to see how I look in a blue tri top..... ;)


MikeW said...

it's been nice knowing you.

Dionn said...

don't be a hater Mike...I'm still your TBF. ;)

Shorey said...

I have thought about joining for some least to get some of the workouts they post. Maybe I'll see you around sometime.

Shorey said...

Ok, I didn't mean that to sound as though otherwise I won't see you at all... Haha! I just meant if eventually I decide to join T3 maybe I'll see you at some of the workouts. (trying to not sound like a hater!)

Mark said...

Blue? OK,... but that throws off some of the color coordination you had going on. Blue with a yellow bike? Will you need a new bike helmet now? What about running shoes? It seems everything was geared towards racing in red, and now the Primary switch? Still, if anyone can pull it off, you can! :-)