Monday, June 16, 2008

I can do anything that's everything all on my own...

... a quote taken directly from Lola... a precocious British kindergartner from Disney's Charlie and Lola.

Sometimes you just need to feel like you are capable of handling whatever comes your way all on your own. Call it a check in with your self confidence, a mental boost, a sense of control over something or whatever....

My three year old has bouts of this all time as he struggles with demonstrating his independence and his newly found capabilities...."No, I do IT!" And even though it takes TWICE as long to get it done (which can be extremely frustrating when you are in a hurry and running late...which you know we always are..), I know it is important, so I just say, alright, and let him handle it.

And at the ripe old age of...well, my age...I find that I still get bouts of it as well.

In my most recent episode, I had a busted sprinkler in my yard:

Nice, right? That coupled with the fact that since the original system had been put in, the landscaping has grown considerably so that some sprinklers are now situated behind big plants or under bushes resulting in areas of the yard not receiving the proper amount of water and some of the grass is dying.

Time to call a sprinkler guy, I guess, right? But wait, difficult can it be? I've got a freakin' engineering degree from a top school...I should be able to fix some freakin sprinkler heads, right??? Hell Yes.

So as not to bite of more than I can chew (engineer be damned...I have no idea what I'm doing..), I decide to tackle just the front yard first and see how that goes. After a brief recon trip around the yard turning on each of the sprinkler zones, I decide I need to repair the fountain in the front, change one head from a 90-degree spray to 180, and pop two up on risers that are stuck under shrubs. Check. Off to Home Depot we go. (Shay's on summer break, so he's assisting me.)

I came armed with my brand name and model of the sprinkler system, and when I got there the friendly Home Depot boys were ready and willing to assist. We loaded up with all of our goodies and headed home.

Shay was in charge of turning the sprinklers on and off when I asked him...but mostly he just ended up stripping down to his boxer briefs and running through the water after he turned it on. It is summertime after all. What else should he be doing, really?

And check it out:
OH yea, UH HUH! I fixed it. I ROCK! WOOT!

Topped that off with fixing the back porch ceiling fan, which had a blade (literally) fly off (no children or dogs were harmed in the event -- thank goodness), causing the fan to oscillate like crazy and threaten to send the remaining four blades shooting off in every direction or have the whole fan come crashing down onto the patio table. I had to take the whole light housing off (not just the light cover, mind you) in order to get enough room to screw the blade back in. Managed to do that, change the bulbs to the new energy efficient kind and get it all back in working order without hurting myself, the kids or the dogs. YES!

I know it is silly...but sometimes you just need little wins.

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Erin said...

yes! I hear you, girl. i.e. the purple door. :)

nice work!