Monday, June 2, 2008

Busy Busy Bee

Wow..this weekend turned into a busy one somehow. Even though I've been sidelined from running with my injury, I ended up on the go most of the weekend.

Thursday's pub run was a blast complete with catching up with old friends, Snoopy and Lou Pinella sightings, some vicious games of Ping Pong (the hidden talents of my friends...I tell ya...who knew??) and stinking up the Driskoll.

Friday found E and I slogging up and down Mesa for some fun hill repeats. I was able to bang out 7 this time, so that felt damn good. Followed that with some R and R poolside at the club with bevies and snacks for me and the boyz.

Saturday's Adventure Quest was tons 'o fun and I think E was proud (and actually not embarrassed) to have us all show up and partake in the fun in one way or another. Here we are:

In fact, Wiley and Nedra won the whole thing! They proved that it takes brains and brawn to bring home the gold! (They beat out super speedsters Team Terranova and out-quested last year's champs Team Stansbury!) Here they are with the spoils of victory:

OH! And check this thing out...a Kegerator on wheels! Motorized even!! I am ALL about volunteering on this thing!

Sunday's Trail Race, The Loop got the big kabash because of my injury, so E and I decided to get our bike ride in during the race by heading out for our ride from the race so we could watch Kmo and Wiley finish.

Did I mention the race was at Emma Long know, the one off of City Park Road. The place where if you are going to ride, your choices are hills, hills, and oh, a few more hills? It's my hood, so I was happy to show E some of my usual routes...but I don't think she was as happy as I was about it. ;) Here's why:

It took us 3 hours to ride 45 miles. Ugh. But it was a good, hard workout. And afterwards we got to hangout at the trail race with friends and enjoy some food and grog.

Followed that up with an evening with the family playing cars, building legos and watching a Star Trek movie. (yes...I'm a dork, I me or leave me, your choice. And I think Patrick Stewart is HOT! Say what you want, I don't care.)


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Erin said...

hell no, i wasn't embarrassed. I was VERY proud to have everyone at the race. Thanks for taking awesome pictures, D!

Now, about those hills... Grrrrrrrr....