Friday, June 6, 2008

Bum Wheel.... Go or No Go?

I've been off my foot with no running for over a week. I've been to PT 4 times, have been icing and heating, rolling (although I think I'm going to pick up an official TP Roller kit so I can make it official and start doing it at home and not just at practice), and stretching.

It still hurts like a SOB during the Graston technique....but I think I'm going to run on it this weekend anyway. Why, you ask?

This weekend is one of my most favorite of all time races, The Danskin. For more details on why I love it so, you can check out my old post here. But I really, really, really, really don't want to miss out on participating. This is my feel-good race of the season. I know it is a total cluster with the logistics of getting 2500 women into and out of the race, but I don't care. I love it.

It's only a 5k run...I can suffer through that if need be, right?

Maybe my race plan will be to just go balls out on the swim and bike and let the run fall where it may depending on the pain levels.....what say you? Take my me decide!


MikeW said...

you said "take my poll"
just sayin'

MikeW said...

how's the foot?